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1. Posted by seanjohn (First Time Poster 1 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

My name is Sean Johnson, I am twenty years old and i live in a small no good town, Kingman, Arizona. I am posting this blog because i have searched and searched and searched but cant seem to get anywhere. in my searches i have been looking to volunteer and help make a change in this world. i would love to volunteer and help out people who truly need help in a foreign country because the U.S. is in better shape than more countries of this world. i love my country and would not change it. but i would like to see this whole world get healthy and prosper. and i would like to be apart of that. i am what some people call poor, middle class, lower class. i have no money and not really any way to get money in this day and age. the economy is shot. unless you get lucky. but i would love to do volunteer work for a company here in the states to raise money so that i would be able to go do volunteer work somewhere else. or if a company or person/s was so kind hearted to help me out with this i would be forever greatful. if anyone knows of how i would be able to go ahead and volunteer my mind body and soul to bettering another community or country without paying anything then please please contact me. id prefer to volunteer abroad for a while. not a short term. but i will gladly help in any way i can. if you could reply/contact me at my email -snip- it would be much appreciated.

p.s. please help me to help the world in becoming a better place

Sean Johnson

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2. Posted by jambo101 (Respected Member 414 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Great attitude and goal in life too bad more people didnt feel the same way,the Earth would be a better place for it ,try helping out the less fortunate in your own city such as volunteering at the local homeless shelter or your local food bank, your community churches may have more information on how you can hook up with an overseas position.
Or try some of these sights

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5. Posted by bluewaav (Inactive 627 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Hey seanjean,

Does "seanjean" have anything to do with the clothing line, or is this just a coincidence?;)

jambo's right: start small, then work your way into big. "Be faithful in the small things and you will be given greater responsibilities." Your city has to have a volunteering webpage or a volunteering organisation that can help you find opportunities in your area. You can also try calling/visiting your city's webpage for information. Often people post opportunities on places like that. Do you have 211/311? Sometimes they can give you information. In Calgary, for example, there is volunteer calgary and 211 (dialing on your phone).

As far as church groups go, it isn't a bad idea, but I have to caution you that if you do not regularly attend their church, most church groups would be hesitant about letting you volunteer in their organisations. But it never hurts to ask. If the organisation is on a bigger scale, say a homeless shelter, then you will have a better chance. Do you have any religious affiliations? Because that is where I would start. If you're Bhuddist, for example, I would go to the Bhuddist temple and ask them, Jewish, go to the synagogue, etc. Maybe you don't want to convert people/witness/go into missions, but they will probably have something for you to do voluntarily, even if it is as humble as sweeping the floors. "Be faithful in the small things . . . "

Hospitals are another place to look. Most hospitals do their own recruiting of volunteers. You may start as a porter, taking patients to get x-rayed, etc. and work your way into more responsible medical roles. If you're interested in medicine, biology, science, or people, this may be a good route to take.

Good luck, God bless you.