What medication do I need??

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I will be travelling from Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Costa R, Belize, Mexico for 6-7 months.
Can you list as many of the jabs and things against disease that I will need because the doctor seems to be quite un-knowledgable and I do not want to miss anything! I will be travelling in all different terrains, including jungle, mountain and all!

Thanks for any help,


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I'm planning on travelling through Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Chile next year. As a result, I have been advised to take Typhoid, Hep A, Yellow Fever and Malaria pills.


P.s. I'd change you doctor!

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Hi Tarik,

I found this website really helpful.


I too would look for another doc!

Good luck.

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Also, if you don't have an up-to-date polio and tetanus, I'd get those. If you are getting Hep-A, might as well get a Hep-B shot at the same time.

If you are going to be off the beaten path for a long time, I'd think about rabies as well. This is probably only needed if you plan on going off into the jungle away from civilazation for a period of time, though. If you are going to be hanging around in towns and villages with decent access to doctors in an emergency, probably not needed.

You might want to check with a travel clinic instead of your family doctor. They are more able to handle these types of requests.

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I just got mine for south america - heres what i had

Yellow Fever (you wont get into most countries without the certificate especially if you are coming from an infected area - it costs £43)
Tetnus (you dont need it if you've had it in the past 10 years though and you do get it at school)
Hep A

I was too late to do the course of Hep B as you have to go back for 3 more injections 6 months apart or something like that.

And what GregW said you will need Polio if you havent had that again since school.....

The doctor also said that i could get Rabies but then it costs £100 and even if you do get bitten, you still have to go through the injections in hospital afterwards only not so many...but i didnt get it.

And i didnt get malaria tablets either - dont know why really, i just decided i didnt want them and i dont think i am going to any infected areas.

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Thanks for all the replies, the web sit link was extremely good too. Definately worth thinking of all of the different things because I do not want to get anything!