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Hi! I am planning to travel to these four countries starting on the 20th of May next year.


19: Leaving Montreal
20 - 25: Tokyo
25-26: Mt. Fuji
26-28: Nagayo
28-30: Kyoto
30-1st June: Hiroshima

1 - 3: Osaka
3 - 4: Kobe, I am going to spend a night there and at 11:00 on the 4th, I'm taking a Ferry to Tiajin, China.

4 - 5: At sea
6: Tiajin, take a bus to Beijing.
7- 2nd July: Studying Mandarin in Beijing

2: Leaving Beijing to take an overnight train to Xi'an.
3-5 : Xi'an
5-6: Overnight train to Beijing
7 - 8: Taking the trans-Siberian Railway to Ulan-Bator, Mongolia.
8-15: Ulan-Bator
15-16: Taking the Trans-Siberian Railway back to Beijing.
16: Taking an overnight train to Nanjing
17- 18: Nanjing
18: Taking train to Shanghai
19-13th August: Studying Mandarin in Shanghai

13: Depart in the afternoon for overnight to Xiamen.
14 - 19: Stay with family in Xiamen
19: Taking bus or overnight train to Guangzhou or Hong Kong.
21-Sep 3rd: Vietnam

3: Taking a flight back to Montreal.

I'm planning to leave for either Hong Kong or Guangzhou on the 19th. It's either I take an overnight bus to Hong kong where I have relatives who can accomodate me for a night or two and take the train to Hanoi or... I'm going directly to Guanzhou to take a flight to Hanoi.

I'm planning to go to Hanoi, Hoi An and Saigon (My dad birthplace and his hometown where he grew up) from August 20th till September 3rd.

It's my first time traveling alone and I'm a female. I have some relatives who can accomodate me in Saigon but Hanoi and Hoi An, I'm going to be alone.

Is the itinery reasonable? I'm planning to get a extend visa in China for longer than 30 days. Is it easy to get a Mongolian Visa in Canada? And... How can I cross the China and Vietnam border to Hanoi? Take the train or the flight is better?