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It's certainly not much different than running resorts and dealing with Whingeing Poms, Chair Reserving Germans, Loud Americans - is there anymore stereotypes out there... Just kidding, folks...

I remember seeing an article in a magazine (it might have even been Cosmopolitan - showing my feminine side now!!!) that was about those "dream" jobs that we are talking about: Dive Instructor, Resort Hostess (not manager), can't remember them all now - up shot of the article was that the average joe doesn't hear about the hard work that you have to do when you have one of these jobs... I could certainly relate having taught diving in resorts and then being in resort management...
Long days, not great pay, dealing with rude people at times but when balanced with living in a paradise, doing a job you love, meeting people from all over the world etc etc etc, wouldn't trade it for anything - but - and its a big BUT - you have to have a certain personality to survive in that environment.


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Making living or living while you travel needs knowledge and if possiblw some experience, what do you have to offer is the start point.My suggestion is that you add to your degree some qualifications that fit into the benefits to any community that you will live in. Like a First Aid Certificate, a Level 1 ASA Swimming Teachers Certificate, learn about the benefits of Sports Stretching and warm up and basic fitness routines; Elementary coaching Cricket, Rugby and Football coaching certificates or knowledge.
Courses for all these are running constantly, depending on where you live and how much you can pay for a training course.
In Fiji some exercise routines and simple Rugby coaching stuff made it easy to make friends in the villages and be a welcome guest in a family.
Football and swimming skills teaching were money earners in Australia and led to requests to stay for longer.
Cricket in India. and so on.
Training for these certificates had the great benefit of also learning how to work with the kids and teenagers.
If you want more help on that let me know with a direct message to me.

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Pub work in England, especially if you're from Australia or New Zealand