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I am overwhelmed with travel information and i leave for a four month excursion to Asia in 27 days!!! I Hope someone can help me (guide me) to calm me down about certain questions (I have been annoying people that i know who have gone to southeast asia! e

My boyfriend and I leave in 27 days. Our extreme budget travel plan is one week in beijing, 1 month in thailand, 2 months in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and back to thailand for the March 1st Full Moon Party and until we leave on March 24th. I will have over 4000$ CND/for 4 months and he will have less than 3800$CND/ for 4 months.

Is this plan realistic? I have the latest Southeast Asia on a shoestring lonely planet guide book butit already seems outdated. and We need it to be as budget friendly as possible!

I need help on budget ideas, hostel suggestions, thai visa ideas, traveling to different countries ideas, if couch surfing is a good idea, packing suggestions?Buy Malaria Pills or not buy them? I have so many more questions.

The Chinese visa process has been a horrible experience! Should i be worried about that for the other visas?

Beijing will be my first hostel experience, any suggestions of a budget hostel that won't terrify me?

I am overwhelmed, terrified, and feel stupid.

Thanks For any help!


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$7800 between you both bis a good amount to travel with you will be fine . That works out at about $37 a day each .
I was spending $50 a day in Vietnam for me and my GF ($50 for both of us) and we was comfortable, drinking, eating, tours etc .

You will be sharing rooms which cuts the cost of accommodation in half, accommodation is gonna be the most expensive thing, so sharing will make it a lot cheaper.

Food and drink in SEA is cheap, you can eat for next to nothing if you eat from the street venders.

Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam are simple to get around and its also cheap .Just use the open bus tours they are everywhere and you will be spoiled for choice .

As for malaria pills its your choice . Ive never taken any and had no problem . as long as you dont go to malaria infected areas the chance of you getting it are very slim . Sometime the side effects from maleria pills can out weigh the risk, especially on the beaten track .

Worrying is natural for the first time . I done it by myself the first time and loved it . I had all the same worries as you, but when i got there the worries just fade away, i had an amazing time .

Ive never been to China, but i have done the rest of your trip and you will have a amazing time .Its a great part of the world to travel lots of fun and friendly, not forgetting great scenery and quality food .

Just look forward to it and stop worrying.


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you really calmed me down. thank you!

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Forget hostels. You can have your own room in VN & Cambodia under $10/nite. See my blog. Price will be more for 2, but will be in the $10-15/nite for both of you. If you eat where the locals do or 'eat street', you can have a meal for $1-2. I never spent more than $7/day for food in VN, Cambodia & Thailand. I am a veggie and a cheap charlie, but you can do it as well.

Thailand will give you 30 days for free when you fly in. 15 days if you enter via land border. Laos visa is $35 for 30 days, available on arrival. Cambodia is $20 for 30 days, on arrival. I suggest you buy your VN visa while in Phnom Penh. Many places will help you, all guesthouses, travel shops. Figure $30-35 for a 30 day visa. Unless you fly into VN, then you can use the 'visa on arrival system'. See blog.

Forget couch surfing. That is for western countries. I vote no on malaria pills. I have been to SEA 14 times over 20 years, never took malaria pills. If you stay in the really rural areas, make sure you have a mosquito net.

Pack very light. Clothes are so cheap in SEA that you just buy anything you might need. Better to wash every 3-4 days than lug around a heavy bag. Think about Pac-Safe. Theft from your room or on bus/train will ruin your adventure. Keep you valuables under your clothes in a pouch. Make it difficult for thieves to rip you off.

Send me a PM if you have questions.

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