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1. Posted by TravelingJ (Budding Member 2 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

I was womderinging if any one has any wisdom to share about taking a boat from Manaus to Belem. I am looking to spend about 14 days on this part of my trip. I was wondering if there is any must see sights along the way and what is the best way to go about arranging the trip. Thank you for your time and input.

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i think it doesnt take such a long time from manaus to belem. its downstreem, so i suppose its just a couple of days.
there you have regular ships that also take the locals - you will hang your hammock on deck and go down the river in a cool way. then you have more comfortable boats that have bedrooms, are more expensive but take less time.

if you would like to explore the amazon´s flora and fauna, it would be better to do that before manaus. that meens in the area upstreem from manaus, as the region is less poluted/populated. you could make a trip that lasts a couple of days , starting from manaus , going upstreem, then you return to manaus and take a boat to belem.

if you need a great guide ( i was on a trip with him last year) , drop me line. he has all information you will need.

cheers, moritz

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I think that trip takes about 5-7 days. If its interesting things and variety you are after, I have been told by numerous people that boat trips can get quite boring and repetitive ater the first day because you sail down a river with thick foliage on either bank and can't see through the foliage. The one interesting wildlife that many people saw though were pink dolphins...

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I've done it in the opposite direction, which is upstream so I think it takes a day or two longer than the way you plan!

I loved every minute of it!
The food was nothing like people complained about, the views although a little monotonous, how can you get bored of seeing the jungle from a boat on the amazon for only a few days??? Its beyond me, some travellers are so desensitised. Just take a minute or two to think where you are and you really appreciate it!

well I did the amazon is hardly Manchester!

Take a few good books and enjoy the oppertunity to be totally lazy for a few days


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sorry, I missed a couple of your questions, there are stops along the way Santerem, be careful when booking what type of boat you get, where you sling your hammock (near the prow and not the toilets) don't get a cabin it's not worth it and not half the adventure!
don't be disturbed if you have a million and one Brazillians in hammocks above, below beside you believe me they want to pass their journey hassle free as much as you do!