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1. Posted by Style (Budding Member 5 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Hello guys
me and my friends(2 cpls) are planning to travel to northern europe(belgium,germany,denmark,norway,sweden and finland) this coming july 2010. We want to spent about 2 weeks max 3 weeks. I am going crazy for not finding enough info about this trip. I really would appreciate if you guys could help me. if you have any kind of info pls post here.

Many Thanks in advance

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2. Posted by lil_lil (Travel Guru 462 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

To try to do 6 countries in 2-3 weeks, with all the Scandinavian countries in it? That's folly if anything, and you probably won't be able to do much except flitting in and out of the capital cities. And often by flying in and out of these cities too, as overland transportation will eat up the time by a considerable chunk.

And your question is also very general that I don't think it's easy for anyone in the forum to answer. Is there anything specific/particular that you're looking for information of?

3. Posted by bgl (Full Member 167 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

I agree.

A) you need to be a bit more specific in stating any possible interests that you and your friends may have, AND

B) concentrate either on Belgium and Germany (with a possible side trip to Denmark) OR on Scandinavia. There's too much to see to try to cover half a dozen countries in three weeks or maybe even less.

4. Posted by Style (Budding Member 5 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Thank you both for replying.

We discussed where we would like to go and do.

Germany and Belgium will be excluded and we may exclude Denmark too.

We will be travelling capital cities first. I personally like to see architecture, my friend would like to see history. So when we are there we would like to visit top touristic destinations by hop on/off buses and by using public transport. We definitely do not want to use any airways. we prefer trains and I am sure there must be railways connecting these 3-4 countries(Finland,sweden,norway and denmark???). Oh if you guys have extra info pls post here.

Many Thanks in Advance

5. Posted by bgl (Full Member 167 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Actually, I would suggest flying into Copenhagen, capital of Denmark. Spend a couple of days there. Then do a circle tour, and you can obviously do this in whatever direction you prefer. You could start out by taking the overnight ferry to Oslo. Spend a few days there, then take the train to Stockholm. From Stockholm there are overnight ferries to Helsinki, so you would get a return ticket back to Stockholm. From Stockholm take the train south to Malmö. The X2000 (fast) train taks 4 hr 20 minutes. You can also take a slower train, if you so prefer but the X2000 is a very pleasant ride and you get to see plenty of the Swedish countryside. In Malmö, you definitely want to see the Turning Torso, a 54 story apartment building that "turns" 90 degrees from its foundation to the top. Google "Turning Torso" for more info and photo. It's only about a mile from the train station. From Malmö, it's a quick half hour train ride, or so, to Copenhagen Airport (across the bridge).

In each of the capital cities, decide beforehand what you're interested in seeing so you can decide how much to spend there. There are buildings of both historical and architectural interest in all of them.

If you have any specific question, feel free to post them here!

6. Posted by Style (Budding Member 5 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Thank You for your reply

I am still reading what to do and where to go. However I would like to learn from ppl who experienced in person, because when you guys write it I cant explain how exciting it sounds. I am open to any suggestions. If i have to fly i will fly to the first destination anyway we will be travelling from London. If I have anymore questions i will post here but can you also share your experiences with us, so we can be prepared for any unexpected plans/circumstances.

Many Thanks

7. Posted by bgl (Full Member 167 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

I have lived and worked in Malmö, Copenhagen and Oslo and I have been to Stockholm many times and Helsinki a few times so I believe I have a pretty good knowledge of all these cities. However, listing everything that is of interest would result in a pretty long list. What all the four capital cities have in common is that everything in the downtown area of each city is pretty much within walking distance. And what's not within walking distance can easily and quickly be reached via public transportation. You should spend at least a couple of days in each of these cities. Malmö, being a smaller city, can easily be "covered" in one day. Suggest you google each of the cities for info. For instance "places to see in Copenhagen" and that'll give you something to research and find out exactly which places you're interested in.

And yes, you would ideally fly from London to Copenhagen, and start from there. It would also be helpful for us to know what your home country is, since your experience with Scandinavia depends on your own culture, traditions and expectations (weather for instance).

8. Posted by Style (Budding Member 5 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Oh well it is definitely going to be differnet than where I come from. Tradition,culture, architecture,people,history,weather and so on. I live in London but I was born in Turkmenistan and lived there untill the age of 15. Turkmenistan is in Central Asia. I kind of witnessed collapse of Soviet Communism.

Coming back to trip to Scandinavia I have a guide books which I used in the past when I travelled to Estonia and Istanbul. It is from DK publishing and I've been going through this book which i found quite usefull. I am going to check berlitz and lonely planet publishing when I have time, in the meantime If you have any suggestions I will check them as well.

OK what I want to do in Denmark is just to see touristic destination in Capital and have some seafood and traditional meal, then go to famous museums then maybe go for a trip on the boat.

Norway, this is going to be quite interesting, because I would like to go and see sunset and sunrise at the very north point of the earth. In the capital again check out similar things like museums and old town and new town.

Sweden first thing check out old and new town and palaces and an outskirts.

Finland I really like to visit the places that would make feel like visiting two different eras.I know finland was part of sweden and for some time it was also part of russia. so if there is a place for rememberance of these 2 i would like to check that out first. I dont really remember but one of these countries have a mountain that Hitler used it for storage during world war 2. that place for example in my list. soon find out what it is.

As you can see i would like to do is similar things in all coutries. Have traditional meal, seafood.There must be events which are held in summer. if i travel that time of the year i will go there as well. I think Denmark has it in July in copanhagen.

This is it for now but i will be posting here with more questions.

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9. Posted by bgl (Full Member 167 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for the additional info. Useful.

Copenhagen - visit Tivoli (very special festive atmosphere in the evening), walk the pedestrian street "Strøget", visit Nyhavn and have some seafood there. "The little mermaid" is a bit north of here. You can cover all these places by foot, if you don't mind walking a few kilometres.

Oslo - visit Bygdøy, a pensinsula a few kilometres from downtown Oslo. Viking Museum and Kon-Tiki Museum are of interest. Visit Frognerparken with the Vigeland Scuplture Park. This will be one of the highlights. There is no real "Old Town" in Oslo. If you like sea food, walk down to the fishing boats right in front of City Hall (downtown) and buy VERY fresh shrimps from one o the boats. And eat them right there!

Stockholm has the "best" Old Town of these cities. Visit the Vasa Museum and Skansen, which is sort of a combination amusement park and outdoor museum.

When you are in Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki in July you have sunset very late in the evening and sunrise very early in the morning and it doesn't get completely dark at night at that time of the year. If you fly (from Oslo) up to northern Norway (Tromsø for instance) you will be north of the Arctic Circle and you will have daylight 24 hours a day in July. There is no sunset or sunrise!

Not sure what holiday you may be thinking of. Can't think of one. The big holiday in the summer is Midsummer - around 21 June.

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10. Posted by Style (Budding Member 5 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Well it is going to be a bit busy and big tour. I'd like to finish visiting European countries with in 3-4 years time. Here i am starting with northern europethen will move to other parts of europe. I will be going in summer for this trip.

Many Thanks for your posts. Keep posting here whatever you think might be useful for me to see.