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hi everyone,

i think there are some members that work at airline companies.
maybe you can help me..

i booked a flight with an airline a couple of months ago. now this airline stopped its service due to money problems. currently they still do their flights but they are operated by other airlines.
my flight will be in december and i think in that time there will be no flights anymore. as far as i know , they just return the money i paid for ticket to me. or do u think they have care that i get another flight with another airline on the samee date ???

today i already reserved a ticket at another airline ( just in case ) but it will be almost double price.

i also called the airline that has stopped the service, but they didnt give me an answer regarding what will happen because they are still working out a plan.

thanks in advance for ur help.

cheers, moritz

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Hey Bro,

Sorry to hear about your problem. When I was a travel agent; I had a few problems with a now defuct airline company. In the states, each of the airlines are regulated by the FAA. It's law for a airline to compensate. Usually, the airline helps by finding different carriers for it's guests. Sometimes the airline in question is being bought out by a diffrent airline company, then new company will take on that role. At the very least, usually you are given your money back.

My advice too you....keep pestering the airline company in question. If you are not get anywhere, contact your country Airline regulator(s). A long shot, the airline company that you are buying your new ticket from; maybe they will be sympathatic towards your situation. Can't hurt to ask!

If I were you, go ahead and "bite the bullet" and purchase a new ticket. No sense in killing your trip. U can't move forward until airline clarify it's stance. Hopefully they were given a deadline to resolve this matter.

Good luck man!


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theres not much one can do here..i"d say just salvage ur position. book urself onto another flight and ..... fly into ur money lost will not come back..u"ll earn much the ticket even though it costs more..u have ur whole lifes earning ahead of u... not the time u may loose now in this indecision...take the plunge..and bungeejump... u will reach higher..

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thanks guys..
thats what i wanted to know
btw the air company will return the full price to me and instead theres a special rate at another airline that can be booked.
so the disappeared airline cant be of too bad.

cya, moritz