zambia safe or not safe??

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hello everybody, this is kaluba,i'am a red blooded zambian and i would like to say i dont like all the negative s@@@ some of you said about my country.well we are poor i can give you that,but about the safety,COME ON !! zambia is one of the most peacefull,race-friendly,happy, non violent places in the world,more so than most developed or "civilized" places.its much safer than the USA where nerds shoot up there schools and insane people kill inocents like its a sport..and england where kids kill other kids by doing wwf moves on them..and europe where the skin heads will get you for being remotely black.. i feel sorry for those who assume that just because theres a mojority of blacks,whites and other non blacks get beat up,for you to assume such a thing would mean that where your from racial violence is an everyday before you go around accusing zambia of being unsafe,ask your self just how safe your f@@@@@ country out..

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Could people be mixing up with Zambia with Zimbabwe!