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3 Weeks in Thailand??

Travel Forums Asia 3 Weeks in Thailand??

1. Posted by gorgmo (Budding Member 21 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!


Will be travelling over to Thailand in June for about 3 weeks......... just trying to decide what my options are once i
am there? Seeing as im short of time was either thinking of getting the train down to singapore and stopping off
on route..... Not exactly sure wheres best to stop off??
My other option would be to stay around thailand. Would be willing to get the short flights out of thailand but dont want to be realistic in such short time.
Also any idea how much money i will need roughly for 3 weeks??

Thanks Sarah

2. Posted by Dannycae (Budding Member 40 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Hey :0)

My advice would be to stay in Thailand for the whole 3 weeks that way you could see a nice amount of the country. My advice would be to spend a day or so in bangkok and then head on up to Chiang mai either on the night train which is my favorite way to travel up or the day train stopping at ayutthaya and sukhothai on the way.

Using chiang mai as a base you can then travel round the northern thailand area seeing all the amazing temples and mountains :0) My Tip for another cool little town would be Pai which is about 4 hours on a bus north from chiang mai, If you want a few days of chilling out and doing absolutely nothing apart from walking along canyons, sitting in hot springs and drinking a few beers thats the place to go!! Great music bars there! The Mae hong song area is amazing also.

Spend a week or so bussing around and taking it all in then you could get a flight from chiang mai down south to the beaches for a bit of chilling on the beach :0) an area Ive not done as much as I have the north but had a really nice time there.

another option is to get a flight or bus over to Siem Reap in Cambodia and see the Angkor Wat temples which are so so so amazing!!

Money wise, There is a great hostel in bangkok called the wild orchid (head to the temple end of khaosan road and follow round the back of the temple on soi rambuttri and its up a litle timy ally/road) which has cheap rooms at about 300 baht for a single fan room and has better ones for more. but street food a REALLY good and cheap and hotels can be also if you look around.

If you say 500 Baht for hotel per day, 500 for food travel etc, and the 10,000 for beer (joke) you should be ok.

I think the train was 800 baht from bangkok to chiang mai overnight

If you get a cab always ask for it to be on the meter, if they say no get another one, there are loads about!

Hope this is of use, anymore questions please let me know :0)

(very jealous)


3. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru 1851 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

June is fairly cheap in Thailand because that is the start of the rainy season. It doesn't mean you get rain every day by any means (maybe a few times a week) but when it does come down, it really pours.

AirAsia is a budget airline, good for getting around the whole of that part of Asia (trains are slow and costly). Singapore is expensive. A fair bit to see in Thailand so I'd go straight there. If you decide on elsewhere, go in an internet cafe where you can get tickets printed off and book an AirAsia flight, even for later that day if you want. Travelling will be one of your biggest expenses.

Asiarooms is good for cheap accommodation. This helps for Bangkok:
Pick up a city and bus map in Bangkok for about 50 baht. Normal buses are flat rate so you ride as long as you want on the, Aircon buses are cheap but need a destination. The Skytrain is not expensive and is easy to use. Just watch everyone else.

4. Posted by gorgmo (Budding Member 21 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Hey thanks for the replies!!

They are both really useful and i agree i definately need more money for the beer!! I dont mind a little rain i guess. Hopefully i will be lucky!!