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1. Posted by katrina_j (Budding Member 7 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hey! I leave in lless than 3 days (nov 25)...and im getting the jitters. i wanted to write my so far itinerary down to make sure it will work out... and if i could get any help/suggestions to my itinerary

I will be in
Beijing - 1 week (nov 26-dec 2)
Thailand - 2 months-dec/march
Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos - 2 months - jan/feb

How much money should i convert for beijing yuan and thailand baht before i go?

I heard going north in thailand is good for the first month, but i really want to be on an island for Christmas and New Years. Can i do the chang mai etc area and then sneak down to the islands(very budget friendly) for Christmas? or is there somewhere else i can go to in the north that is pretty for xmas/new years?

What would be a good order for laos/cambodia/vietnam? (ill be going by bus)... i have a faint idea, but i just wanna see what others have to say. i just have to be back for the full moon party march 1st!

Thank you


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Well, if you don't really plan to spend that much in any of those countries then don't get too much money converted. At places where you could use card, use it so you can make use of your cash later on... I don't know about the north of Thailand as I only been in the South and in Bangkok, it is a really pretty place and you should try the great but mostly chilli food..

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hey kat i know ur looking to go on a budget but i would advice flying down from chang mai to the south, u shud check out a little plave called krabi its on the coast im sure ud love it for christmas i spent 3weeks there when i went traveling its amazing, on the way down from bangkok i took the train and i hated every min thy are slow and very uncomfy even in 1st class,and it took like 11 hours then i had to wait on a bus,on the way back i got a flight for £25 with thai airways and it took an hour,im going back soon with my gf and i can safly say we wont be taking the train lol.anyway hope that helps and have a great time.

p.s the fullmoon partys aint all they are crackd up to be, if u are set on going makesure u dont get 2 wasted and dont take any expencive things out with u,also if u meet a few people that u trust who are going, stay with them,dont mean to scare u but its better to be safe than sorry.