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Hello Guys,
Here's my problem. Through my teenage years, I was in trouble with the law on more than one occasion. I was convicted of an Affray(streetfight) when I was 15 yrs old, convicted of travelling on the rail system without a valid ticket and verbally abusing the ticket inspector when caught, age 19. Also have been cautioned for possesion of cannabis twice at the age of 19. I'm now 22 and drug free.

Looking through the the visa waiver programme neither of the offences which I have been convicted of fall under Moral Turpitude, they fall under the misdemeanor category. But because there is more than one offence I become inadmissable. Also a caution in the US for possesion is as good as a conviction, which also makes me inadmissable. So in all honesty I haven't got a cat in hells chance of getting over there. Although nothing is impossible, I feel I would be wasteing any money applying for a Visa. Apparentley people have paid upto 300 GBP just to be told no, you aint going. They are also then put on a system which identifies them as barred from the US.

So I've done abit of research on the net and have found that alot of people with convictions just tick no on the Visa Waiver form and in general the majority of people who do get away with it. For example one bloke has been convicted (not cautioned) for possesion on three occasions for class A substances, yet he has travelled to the US under the VWP for business over 15 times in 5 years. Although this bloke could be a liar, there is many other people who have done the same thing with no repacutions.

Wise move or stupid?

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Wise move. Declaring them would be the stupid one.