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Hey Everyone...

I'm a twenty four year old male who is about to embark on my solo trip to europe. I have gotten a job in England and have obtained a two year work visa. But for the first two months I am there I will be out of work. I plan on leaving sometime in January or possibly February but to be honest I need some help in planning what I should do or see. What from your wide variety of expereinces would you reccomend? I would love to meet up with other travellers who would possibly be over there around the same time and hope that somebody responds to this post :) PLEASE HELP ME!

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what sort of help r u looking at..if u could be more specific

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I don't know where you'll be working but I'd say go see the sites in and around London. The city is an attraction itself so get yourself a map of the monuments, and discover those first, then go for the city's entertainment (pubs, clubs, theater, whatever appeals to you basically). One thing I like to do before I go is check out the interesting things to see. You can get that info off the internet or in a guide book. Once you're there, I'm sure you'll discover other interesting things to do that might be "Off The Beaten Track" or a local's suggestion. I heard there was a Jack The Ripper walking tour at night... seems creepy but interesting!

As far as meeting other travellers, I'd say hostels are the best for that. I'm not really sure what the hostels are like in London, but I doubt they're crappy, so go for it that way. You can also post in the Travel Companions section in this website letting people know when you'll be there and that you want to meet up with someone.

Hope that helped!


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I went on that Jack the Ripper Walk. It was really fun, and our tour guide was very informative and kinda creepy herself(in a friendly way).

You're led around the streets at night and they point out where Jack the Ripper did his murders and they describe what he did and such. If you're interested in that stuff, it's pretty cool.

And we stayed in a hostel and had a ball. And they had a cheap english breakfast offered too (i think 1 or 2 pounds for a BIG portion), which I'm a big fan of.

And of course, the best information you'll get will be from locals. Interaction with locals is soo important, and when you walk away, it will be what sticks in your head.

Like, and this example is the first to mind, we were in Cork, Ireland, with a school tour, and I finally broke away from the group in the morning before we had to leave. So I walked around the city by myself for a bit and talked to some locals. One was a construction worker fixing up a church up the street from the hostel, and he told me that I could ring the bells in the church (something that wasn't advertized) and i brought a couple of friends and we did it! It felt really nice, because it was clearly a local knowledge tidbit. Yeah, we got in a bit of trouble, because as we were playing tunes on the church bells, we made our bus late cause they were looking for us... but still, it was awesome.

Now that I've babbled on sufficiently, I vote you pick up a travel guide of some sort. Sift through it and pick what you'd like to see, just so you can say you've seen it, and in the meantime, try to see as much as you can as suggestions from locals and other random stuff that's off the beaten track. So, I guess I'm echoing Tamar :) hehe, have fun!