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When going to Oz is it advisable to take my own Mobile and get a SIM for it when I get there (will they unblock my mobile?) or get a whole package when I arrive?
Many thanks
Also can anyone suggest a good (cheap) network to be with? As i've heard that some charge you for incoming calls.

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Well, if you aren't too worried about your mobile being stolen or something like that (ie. it isn't a really expensive one) I would just take the one from home if it is not sim locked. Otherwise, you have to do this before leaving but that should be fairly easy.

I am not aware of any australian networks that charge you for incoming calls. Vodafone is good, others are telstra and optus. All probably about the same coverage wise and all probably have a sim card with some credit available for around 30 bucks although I could be a little off there....



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The carriers in Australia are:

- Telstra
- Optus
- Vodafone
- Orange
- Three
- Virgin

Basic mobile phones can be bought for about AUD$80.00 with a SIM card that generally has about AUD$20 - $30 worth of credit on it.

However the pricing of calls is very expensive (about 0.60c per minute) and can be quite confusing.

I think the only time you may be charged for incoming calls is if you are using a foreign SIM card on a foreign network that is on a global roaming set up; i.e. keep your own (foreign )phone number and use it in Australia rather than a local number. Apart from that, there's not cost for incoming calls.

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Dunno if this advice is too late or not but i picked up a vodafone sim card at sydney airport. Cost $29.95 and came with $30 of credit so technically i got a free sim and 5 cents!!! works a treat in my sim free phone from the UK. Sending texts back home cost 25 cents compared to 40p with my O2 sim. Hope this is some help.


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vodafone do quite good deals,i use my phone mainly for txting, so i got vodafones txt package so everytime i recharge i get free txts (for $30 i get 60 free txts, for $50 i get 500 free txts, etc.... plus free minutes to vodafone mobiles) u can choose different options, so if u use ur phone more to call ppl, u can choose a package for that. they have bout 4/5 differeent options u can choose from.

the only thing ive found is that i dont always have signal, but it hasnt been too much of a problem, as the places i havent had signal, ive only been staying there for a day or 2, so u just pick up any msgs u missed when u get to the next place

hope this helps

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Thank you everyone for your help and suggestions. I've just had my mobile unblocked so hopefully it'll be ok over in Oz.
Its also a camera phone so I can use (as well as my normal camera) to take pics:)
Thanks again