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1. Posted by Bazzaboy (Budding Member 4 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Am starting my journey in Belize & intend to bus it to Panama canal --I am quirious is theft on the street as bad as it's made out to be --are any places more likely to have this problem -I will be there May/June

2. Posted by Piecar (Inactive 1218 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Are you asking about muggings or pickpockets?

Either way. I have travelled through all of those countries several times and have NEVER been robbed of anything, ever in any situation. No one has ever tried to rob me. I have had nothing stolen out of a hotel room.

THis does not mean it doesn't happen. If you are careful, you should be okay. I have met a few people who have gotten robbed or pickpocketed over the years and I have believed at the time it was because they were too overt with their money and possessions....Big cameras on straps around their necks. One couple told me they got held up for their money belts while they were making change out of their money belt at a street vendor food stall....Of course, you melonheads!

Don't bring anything you aren't willing to lose. Don't wear an expensive watch. Don't flash wads of cash. Don't be a mouthpiece(this will make people want to rob you to get even) DO keep a weather eye, and know where your stuff is. DO keep your bag away from windows in a hotel. DO spread some obvious (but still sorta hidden)

stuff to steal around your room and keep the stuff you really want to keep buried.

In my opinion, you should be fine.