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Hello all,

I know this question has probably been asked 1000's of times but my money situation Just got changed and im a little freaked out. I will be spending 2 weeks in Mexico playa de carmen, 2 Weeks in Costa Rica and a month and a half in Argentina. I have been limited to about $38 dollars a day. I would like to discover the cuisines of these countries and drink merrily. I plan on staying in budget guesthouses/hostles and occasionally splurging on something a little nicer. I also plan too bus from BA to Cordoba then Mendoza possibly Santiago into Patagonia. Do you think this budget is possible?? Any help would be great. Also thought about doing some treking and other touristy things that could cost a little more $$. Thanks


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What are the odds that both people with PIE in their name around here are also named Derek? Weird

38 dollars will not do you well in Argentina. Playa Del Carmen is a tourist area well frequented by the sandals /black socks crowd. This means prices are jacked up there. Costa Rica, you are living pretty damned frugally. Hotels just are not as cheap as they used to be, there. So, with food included...and a beer now and again, you are talking about entertaining yourself rather than taking a tour on that budget.

To be honest, it almost seems like you went out of your way to pick some of the most expensive areas, and skipped the cheap ones. Others may belie my assertion...But I don't think 38 dollars a day can be done in a way that lets you have fun in the places you chose.

Sorry, fellow D.


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HAHAHA Thats pretty crazy!!!

I was just lookin at Hostel World and it seems Hostels are around 10 bucks a room...so after that 28 dollars to eat drink and have a good time no good?? Im just talkin Argentina now. I have a couple days living arranged in Mexico and Costa...but will need to pay a week or so in each. If I can find lodging in these places from 10 to 15 do you think this budget would then work??? Thanks for the info.


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Big stuff is easy. It's the little stuff that eats cash. Could never figure out how either.

Don't know about S.A. but advice says you need more. Just my thoughts. Good luck!

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Quite simply, NO. $38 a day is a joke. What looks cheap on the outside isnt what it really seems to be, Food is not cheap and then theres transportation. Buenos Aires will be the biggest cost as food ISNT cheap. To me, BA is cheap but not at 38 dollars a day. Mexico for 38 is not possible but maybe Costa Rica as I found there cheap. If you said 50 dollars, then you have more options. Remember, NOTHING is free in central or South America. Theres no such thing as free water from the tap!! You even have to pay to go to the bathroom and alot of places you pay one dollar PER city bus, no bus transfer.

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Hi everyone, I'm new here, my name is María Inés.
I'm Argentinian and live in BA. I think you'll be just fine on this budget. It's just a question of getting the right information before you travel. You can get a good, healthy meal for about 5 dollars, so that if you can do with a sandwich at midday, 10 dollars will be enough for breakfast, snacks and dinner. Córdoba and Mendoza are lovely provinces and I guess prices there will be pretty much like BA. Patagonia is a bit more expensive. I don't know about accommodation, but can help you if you give me a little time.
I could go on and on about suggestions to get to know Argentina on that budget, but everyone is reading this, right? I wonder if you'll be all interested... :)
Merry Christmas, people!
María Inés
(Buenos Aires)