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I live in New Zealand and am doing a Topdeck tour through about 18 countries in Europe. I have looked at taking my Vodafone cellphone, but the cost is ridiculous and I would have to pay even to recieve calls and text messages. I have been told there are calling cards I can buy to call home. Does any one know how much this would cost? How do I go about getting one? Or have any other ideas of keeping in touch with people back home...other than the internet obviously :)

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The cheapest way I have found is taking your regular phone and having a skype enabled phone/device. Use the skype account to send text messages. Very cheap, cheaper than regular charges I believe. There is a setting in skype to make it pretend the message came from your normal phone number. So people will reply to your normal phone. It is free to receive text messages. Obviously you need to have internet access when you send the messages from the skype account which is a slight pain, but this seems to be by far the cheapest way of using your own devices. Obviously you would have to reject phone calls to not be charged, but you can ring back using skype fairly cheaply, depending on the country.