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I will be leaving on Feb. 8 for my big trip that will hopefully take me from India-Nepal-Burma-Thailand-Laos-Cambodia-Vietnam-China. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Wed. Feb. 10 12:30 AM Arrive Mumbai, India
Thur. Feb. 11 Mumbai/Chowpatty Beach
Fri. Feb. 12 Mumbai/Elephanta Island
Sat. Feb. 13 Mumbai to Aurangabad – 6:10 Train Tapovan express (7617) -
Dep-06:10 hrs Arr-13:15 hrs
Mumbai, Dadar, Thane, Kalyan, Igatpuri, Dewlali Cantt., Nasik, Lasalgaon, Manmad, Aurangabad, Jalna, Parbhani, Nanded.
Sun. Feb. 14 Aurangabad/Ellora Caves (not open Monday)/Aurangabd – 45 minute Bus
DAY 1. Aurangabad – Ajanta – Aurangabad – Take tour MTDC BUS TOUR
DAY 2. Aurangabad/Indore
DAY 3. Indore/Bhopal (5 hour train)
DAY 4. Bhopal
DAY 5. Bhopal/Sanchi temple Madhya Pradesh 9km sw of Vidisha (Temple 17) 1 ½ Bus
DAY 6. Sanchi
DAY 7. Sanchi/Bhimbetka or Bhopal 1 Hr Bus
DAY 8. Bhimbetka
DAY 9. Bhimbetka/Orchna
DAY 10. Orchna /Khajuraho
DAY 11. Khajuraho
DAY 12. Khajuraho
DAY 13. Khajuraho/Agra
DAY 14. Agra
DAY 15. Agra/Jaipur
DAY 16. Jaipur
DAY 17. Jaipur/Pushkar – 4 Hours Bus
DAY 18. Pushkar
DAY 19. Pushkar/Ajmer
DAY 20. Ajmer
DAY 21. Ajmer/Udaipur – 8 Hour Bus
DAY 22. Udaipur
DAY 23. Udaipur
DAY 24. Udaipur/RANAKPUR
DAY 25. Ranakpur/Jodhpur
DAY 26. Jodhpur
DAY 27. Jodhpur/Jaisalmer
DAY 28. Jaisalmer
DAY 29. Jaisalmer/Bikaner – 8 Hour Bus
DAY 30. Bikaner
DAY 31. Bikaner/Delhi – 11 Hour Bus
DAY 32. Delhi
DAY 33. Delhi
DAY 34. Delhi
DAY 35. Delhi/Varanasi
DAY 36. Varanasi
DAY 37. Varanasi/Sarnath
DAY 38. Sarnath/Varanasi
DAY 39. Varanasi
DAY 40. Varanasi/Bodh Gaya
DAY 41. Bodhgaya
DAY 42. Bodhgaya
DAY 43. Bodhgaya/Rajgir
DAY 44. Rajgir
DAY 45. Rajgir/Nalanda
DAY 46. Nalanda
DAY 47. Nalanda/Patna
DAY 48. Patna
DAY 49. Patna/Vaishali/Kesariya/Patna (Hire driver?)
DAY 50. Patna/Kushinagar
DAY 51. Kushinagar
DAY 52. Kushinagar
DAY 53. Kushinagar/Gorakhpur
DAY 54. Gorakpur
DAY 55. Gorakpur/Nepal Sunauli/Lumbini

NEPAL (30)
DAY 56. Lumbini
DAY 57. Lumbini/Tansen
DAY 58. Tansen/Pokhara
DAY 59. Pokhara (International Mountaineering Museum, World Peace pagoda, Devi's Fall, Tibetan Refugee camp)
DAY 60. Pokhara/Bandipur
DAY 61. Bandipu/Manakamana
DAY 62. Manakamana/Katmandu
DAY 63. Katmandu
DAY 64. Katmandu
DAY 65. Katmandu
Day to Day Itinerary for Langtang gosainkunda lake Trekking
DAY 66. Kathmandu-Syabrubesi:
DAY 67. Syabrubesi-Lama Hotel:
DAY 68. Lama Hotel- Langtang:
DAY 69. Langtang - Kyanjin Gompa:
DAY 70. Kyanjin Gompa:
DAY 71. Kyanjin Gompa- Lama Hotel:
DAY 72. Lama Hotel - Thulo Syabru:
DAY 73. Thulo Syabru- Shin gomba:
DAY 74. Shin gomba- Gosainkunda:
DAY 75. Gosainkunda- Back to cholangpati:
DAY 76. cholangpati to Dhunche.
DAY 77. Drive back to Kathmandu.
DAY 78. Kathmandu/Swayambhunath – Get
DAY 79. Kathmandu/Patan
DAY 80. Kathmandu/Bhaktapur
DAY 81. Kathmandu/Pashupatinath
DAY 82. Kathmandu/Boudhanath
DAY 83. Fly to Kolkata or Bhubaneshwar or Fly to Silguri or Kathmandu to Kakarvitta (17 Hours) – Kakarvitta to
Silguri – Silguri to Kolkata (12-16 hour train) (India Airways $174)

DAY 84. Kolkata
DAY 85. Kolkata
DAY 86. Kolkata
DAY 87. Kolkata/Bhubaneshwar – 15 Hour train
DAY 88. Bhubaneshwar
DAY 89. Kolkat – Udayagiri
DAY 90. Khandgiri Caves
DAY 91. Orissa
DAY 92. Nandankanan Zoological Park
DAY 93. Konarak Sun Temple
DAY 94. Puri
DAY 95. Puri
DAY 96. Puri/Bhubaneshwar
DAY 97. Bhubaneshwar/Kolkata15 Hour train
DAY 98. Kolkata
DAY 99. Kolkata – Yangon,Myanmar - Fly to Myanmar see what days they fly – This looks like a Wed. so need to
add or substract 2 days
looks like flights are Mondays and Fridays

MYANMAR (28) – add Hsipaw?
DAY 100. Yangon (ChaukHtat Gyi Pagoda – Botataung Pagoda – Shwedagone Pagoda)
DAY 101. Yangon
DAY 102. Yangon/Mawlamyine
DAY 103. Mawlamyine
DAY 104. Mawlamyine/Kyaikmaraw/Mawlamyine
DAY 105. Mawlamyine/Kyaiktiyo
DAY 106. Kyaiktiyo
DAY 107. Kyaiktiyo
DAY 108. Kyaiktiyo/Yangon
DAY 109. Yangon
DAY 110. Yangon/Myitkyina - Fly
DAY 111. Myitkvina/Bhamo
DAY 112. Bhamo
DAY 113. Bhamo/Katha
DAY 114. Katha
DAY 115. Katha/Shwebo
DAY 116. Shwebo
DAY 117. Shwebo/Monywa
DAY 118. Monywa
DAY 119. Monywa/Mandalay
DAY 120. Mandalay (Sagaing Hill)/Mingun
DAY 121. Mandalay/Amarapura
DAY 122. Mandalay Pakokku/Bagan (10 hour boat ride)
DAY 123. Bagan (Nyaung Oo Market, Shwezigone Pagoda, Htilominlo Pagoda)
DAY 124. Bagan (Mt. Popa)
DAY 125. Bagan/Pyay (Bawbawgyi Pagoda, BeBe Gyi Pagoda, Payagyi and Payama Pagoda) (Sri Khitera – ancient capitol)
DAY 126. Bagan/Yangon
DAY 127. Yangon
DAY 128. Yangon/Bangkok

DAY 129. Bangkok, Thailand
DAY 130. Bangkok
DAY 131. Bangkok
DAY 132. Bangkok/ Nakhon Chaisi, Nakhon Pathom Wat Bang Phra for Tattoo
DAY 133. Nakhon Pathon
DAY 134. Nakhon Pathon/Bangkok
DAY 135. Bangkok/Kanchanaburi (Tiger Temple) – From the Southern Bus Terminal ("Sai Dai"), buses leave every 30min for Kanchanaburi, the last one departing at 10.30pm. The journey takes a little under two hours.
DAY 136. Kanchanaburi
DAY 137. Kanchanaburi/Sanglaburi – 5 hour bus
DAY 138. Sanglaburi
DAY 139. Travel to Nongkhai
DAY 140. Travel to Nongkhai
DAY 141. Travel to Nongkhai
DAY 142. Nongkhai 3 day training for Laos (Day 140) June 30, 2010
DAY 143. Nongkhai 3 day training for Laos
DAY 144. Nongkhai 3 day training for Laos
DAY 145. Nongkhai to Vientiane to Ban Na Volunteer

LAOS (30-60)
DAY 146. Vientiane
DAY 147. Vientiane to Ban Na
DAY 148. Ban Na Volunteer 1 month
DAY 176. Ban Na to Vietiane
DAY 177. Vietiane extend Visa – if needed or follow the rest of schedule North and South
DAY 178. Luang Nam Tha Province
DAY 179. Luang Nam Tha Province
DAY 180. Luang Nam Tha Province
DAY 181. Luang Nam Tha Province
DAY 182. Luang Nam Tha Province/Muang Sing
DAY 183. Muang Sing
DAY 184. Muang Sing
DAY 185. Muang Sing/Huay Xai
DAY 186. Huay Xai boat to Luan Prabang – 2 days boat
DAY 187. Huay Xai boat to Luan Prabang
DAY 188. Luan Prabang
DAY 189. Luan Prabang
DAY 190. Luan Prabang
DAY 191. Luan Prabang
DAY 192. Luan Prabang
DAY 193. Luan Prabang/Xien Khuang Province – Phonsavan
DAY 194. Xien Khuang Province – Phonsavan
DAY 195. Xien Khuang Province – Phonsavan
DAY 196. Xien Khuang Province – Phonsavan
DAY 197. Xien Khuang Province – Phonsavan/Van Vieng
DAY 198. Van Vieng – Can Volunteer here – if so do it for around 2 weeks or so
DAY 199. Van Vieng
DAY 200. Vientiane – Extend Visa
DAY 201. Vientiane
DAY 202. Vientiane
DAY 203. Vientiane
DAY 204. Vientiane – Bus to Savannakhet
DAY 205. Pakse
DAY 206. Si Phaan Day
DAY 207. Si Phaan Day
DAY 208. Si Phaan Day
DAY 209. Si Phaan Day
DAY 210. Si Phaan Day
DAY 211. Pakse – Champasak – Boat  Don Daeng
DAY 212. Don Daeng and Don
DAY 213. Pakse – cross over into Cambodia

DAY 214. Siem Reap
DAY 215. Siem Reap
DAY 216. Siem Reap
DAY 217. Siem Reap
DAY 218. Siem Reap
DAY 219. Siem Reap
DAY 220. Skuon - spiders
DAY 221. Phnom Peng
DAY 222. Phnom Peng
DAY 223. Phnom Peng
DAY 224. Phnom Peng
DAY 225. Phnom Peng
DAY 226. Kratie?
DAY 227. Kanpot & Bokar and Around?
DAY 228. Sihanoukville – weather?
DAY 229. Phnom Penh to Moc Bai or Chau Doc or Vinh Xuong
DAY 230. Ratanakiri Providence

VIETNAM (30-60)
DAY 231. Chau Doc or Moc Bai or Vinh Xuong
DAY 232. Phu Quoc Island?
DAY 233. Ho Chi Minh City
DAY 234. Ho Chi Minh City
DAY 235. Ho Chi Minh City
DAY 236. Ho Chi Minh City
DAY 237. Phan Thiet
DAY 238. Phan Thiet
DAY 239. Nha Trang
DAY 240. Nha Trang
DAY 241. Chua Muong
DAY 242. Chua Muong
DAY 243. Chua Muong
DAY 244. Hoi An
DAY 245. Hoi An
DAY 246. Hue
DAY 247. Hue
DAY 248. Hue
DAY 249. Nin Binh
DAY 250. Nin Binh
DAY 251. Nin Binh
DAY 252. Hanoi
DAY 253. Hanoi
DAY 254. Hanoi
DAY 255. Hanoi
DAY 256. Hanoi
DAY 257. Halong Bay
DAY 258. Halong Bay
DAY 259. Halong Bay
DAY 260. Halong Bay
DAY 261. Cao Bang – Mt Yentu
DAY 262. Cao Bang – Mt Yentu
DAY 263. Cao Bang – Mt Yentu
DAY 264. Sapa? Bac Ha?
DAY 265. Ba Be National Park?
DAY 266. Dong Dang – Pingxiang, China

CHINA (30-60) –
DAY 267. Pingxiang, China/Nanching
DAY 268. Nanching
DAY 269. Guangxi
DAY 270. Guangxi
DAY 271. Tunix –Huang Shan
DAY 272. Huang Shan
DAY 273. Huang Shan
DAY 274. Hangzhou, Zhejiang West Lake
DAY 275. Hangzhou
DAY 276. Hangzhou
DAY 277. Hangzhou
DAY 278. Shanghai
DAY 279. Shanghai
DAY 280. Shanghai
DAY 281. Shanghai
DAY 282. Xingjing
DAY 283. Xingjing
DAY 284. Putuoshan
DAY 285. Putuoshan
DAY 286. Suzhou
DAY 287. Tongli or Lushi or Zhujiajiao
DAY 288. Toi An (Tai Shan (Dai Temple)
DAY 289. Toi An
DAY 290. Jinan
DAY 291. Jinan
DAY 292. Beijing
DAY 293. Beijing
DAY 294. Beijing
DAY 295. Beijing
DAY 296. Beijing
DAY 297. Beijing
DAY 298. Chengde
DAY 299. Chengde
DAY 300. Chengde
DAY 301. Wu Tai Shan
DAY 302. Wu Tai Shan
DAY 303. Zhengdin
DAY 304. Henan (Song Shan – Shaolin Temple)
DAY 305. Henan
DAY 306. Hebei
DAY 307. Luoyang (Longmen Caves)
DAY 308. Luoyang
DAY 309. Luoyang
DAY 310. Xi An (Hua Sha, Wudang Sham)
DAY 311. Xi An
DAY 312. Xi An
DAY 313. Leshan (Emi Shan)
DAY 314. Leshan
DAY 315. 3 gorges
DAY 316. 3 gorges
DAY 317. 3 gorges
DAY 318. Chongqing
DAY 319. Chongqing
DAY 320. Chendu
DAY 321. Chendu
DAY 322. Lijiang
DAY 323. Lijang
DAY 324. Kunming
DAY 325. Kunming
DAY 326. Kunming Chiang Khong Thailand

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I would like to comment on your Burma/Myanmar portion of the trip. I lived there for 3 years and was just wondering about some of the stops you plan on making and the time alocated to each. Why would you want to spend the better part of 4 days visiting Kyaiktiyo? You can hire a car and make this a long day trip, I have done it. The three days in Mandalay is more than enough and Bagan can be easily done in 3, the market there is nothing special and the trip to popa can easily be done in less than a full day. The temples of Bagan are in a fairly condensed area and you can rent a bike or car and see most of it in a day and even have time for an evening river cruise. The trip down from from the top end is going to be very tiring as the roads can be difficult. My favorite part of the country was Inle lake which you have bypassed for some reason, its one of the best spots in the country. I would spend at least a couple of days there and then fly back to Yangon, takes less than an hour by air or 8-12 hours by bus depending on road conditions. I also knew no one in 3 years that bothered traveling to Mawlamyine for a visit. The other side of the delta might be more interesting, napali beach or north up the coast to sitwee or myruk U is a good trip. I guess you have your reasons though for visiting this area. You will also be visiting during the hottest time of the year, just before the rainy season hits when you arrive. If the rains come early, your entire trip will be on the wet side but will be cooler. The real downside to this is that all the transportation slows down during the rains so your bus trips may take longer than you anticipate if it begins to rain early.
I would also schedule in a trip up to chang mai while in thailand or down to pukett to get a look at two very different parts of Thailand. I am living in India now and dont envy your plan to take the bus between many of your stops. It's a cheap way to go but slow and crowded and can be very hot. I am going to be doing an 11 day trek in Nepal about the same time you are there. 30 day there seems like a stretch from what my friends say but I don't know for sure. Hope your plans work out and your trip is all you hope it will be.

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Thanks so much for your comments.

I have changed my itineary around based on the suggestions I have received and may add Inle Lake/Pinndaya Cave if I have time. I may also head north first then extend my visa in Yangon and do the southern portions. I have so much time in Kyaiktiyo because I want to hike around area some and hike to top of the Golden Rock. As for Thailand, I have been there before and have visited Chiang Mai and Phuket. India is going to be hardest part of this trip (I think). Nothing is written in stone and we will see how things turn out. Keep in touch and if we are in Nepal at the same time maybe we can meet up for a beer. Thanks! Brian

DAY 99. Yangon (ChaukHtat Gyi Pagoda – Botataung Pagoda – Shwedagone Pagoda)
DAY 100. Yangon
DAY 101. Yangon/Mawlamyine
DAY 102. Mawlamyine
DAY 103. Mawlamyine/Kyaikmaraw/Mawlamyine
DAY 104. Mawlamyine to Hpa-an – Boat
DAY 105. Hpa-an
DAY 106. Hpa-an
DAY 107. Hpa-an/Kinpin
DAY 108. Mt. Kyaiktiyo
DAY 109. Mt Kyaiktiyo
DAY 110. Mt Kyaiktiyo
DAY 111. Mt. Kyaiktiyo/Yangon
DAY 112. Yangon
DAY 113. Yangon/Mandalay either by train or overnight bus
DAY 114. Mandalay (Sagaing Hill)
DAY 115. Mandalay to Hsipaw
DAY 116. Hsipaw
DAY 117. Hsipaw
DAY 118. Hsipaw/Mandalay
DAY 119. Mandalay/Mingun – boat than boat to Amarapura
DAY 120. Day
DAY 121. Day
DAY 122. Amarapura to Monywa – bus (thanboddhay Paya)
DAY 123. Monywa to Pakokku bus
DAY 124. Pakokku/Bagan 10 hour boat ride (The local boat leaves only on Wed & Sunday. Malikha Express, leaves with fix departure dates. Check out first.)
DAY 125. Bagan (Nyaung Oo Market, Shwezigone Pagoda, Htilominlo Pagoda)
DAY 126. Bagan (Mt. Popa)
DAY 127. Bagan (Bawbawgyi Pagoda, BeBe Gyi Pagoda, Payagyi and Payama Pagoda) (Sri Khitera – ancient capitol)
DAY 128. Bagan
DAY 129. Yangon
DAY 130. Yangon/Bangkok

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So what happens if one of those buses blows a tire? That itinerary is a little rigid.

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This is not meant to be followed strictly, but a blue print of places I would like to go and the best way to get from place to place. However, I am sure things will arise and I may want to stay in a place longer or leave a place earlier etc. However, I need to have some plan of places I would like to visit - others may arise. The only things that are set in stone is my one way ticket to Mumbai, my hotel in Mumbai and my train ticket to Aurangabad - other than that I have a trek in Nepal (timing not set in stone yet) - volunteering in laos (nothing set) and I would like to add a retreat at a buddhist monestary in India and/or in Thailand.

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DAY 230. Ratanakiri Providence ( Province, I presume?).

Why not visit Ratanakiri ( Ban Lung ).. . from Stung Treng, a place that you will have to disembark when you cross over from Laos to Cambodia at Don Krolor?