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Hi everybody,

I have been offered a position in Bern and the salary they offer is 3050 CHF net. Would that be enough to live with dignity in the city? I don't have specific needs and am alone, willing to rent a one or two room flat in the center, not far from the University where I will be going every day. Still, I am also flexible and will live a bit farer from the city center if that would help me save some money.

Thank you for your help.



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Hello Anna,

Are you looking to pay rent out of the CHF3050?

If so, unless you are getting a WG with alot of roomates, then you are going to be tight to make ends meet.

What kinda job is it? Are you expecting any tips? I know that its included but you still get some "trinkgelt" if you're working service. Albeit not all that much

It sounds to me that you are maybe a student, which means you get used to being broke. Im not trying to be harsh, but Switzerland is retarded expensive so truth be told you will be really tight for money on this salary.

If you are someone who does not neccessarily like/needs to eat out or goto bars/disco etc then you could pull it off.

Not sure what you mean by dignity but my first job in Swiss was in a tourist resort town which was packed with people and was several years ago where we still got tipped out 40-60 francs a night minimum and I was making 3500 neto. I also taught skiing on my days off and had my rent included. I was usully always broke the last week of the month.

Keep in mind I am the worst at managing my finances so, cest la vie.

3. Posted by pelota (Budding Member 17 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

thank you for your answer. I will take into account what you say and maybe think seriously of getting a part time job.
best, a