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1. Posted by mico82 (Full Member 54 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

hey all,

hoping someone can help... i'm wanting to book the permanent village tents at the ayers rock resort (campground) for a few nights in march but was advised that they don't usually rent out the tents in march due to the extreme heat.

i know it'll be hot, but we wont exactly be staying in our tent all day as we'll be on tours, if anything it'll just be to sleep as i'm sure come night time we'll be eating/drinking somewhere in the resort.

they said the don't normally rent out tents but they can if we want to. not sure what to do.
has anyone been in march ? is it rainy/freezing cold at night ? bear in mind i'm from scotland and have camped when it's been snowing ;)


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Hi Michelle, when I went to central Australia in March it was hot, hot hot. During the day it was incredible, like being in an oven, hot and dry and we needed to be constantly drinking to keep fluids up, my sister didn't drink enough one day and felt very sick overnight.

At night it was still hot which made it hard to sleep, I actually abandoned my tent and slept outside on my mat to make the most of anyslight breeze. Other friends rotated their tent so the breeze came in one side and out the other. I'd say the permanent tents will be warm at night, if you have a fan you can direct air in with it might be ok. Maybe the March I stayed in the area was particularly warm though

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u will not be permitted to rent a tent.

the heat is extreme all day and unrelenting all night.

in a tent u will bake

advice, stay in a hotel or cabin.

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Hi Michelle,

I went to Ayers Rock last February and camped in the camping grounds in my tent. It was so hot at night that I couldnt sleep! Completely off topic but came back after seeing sunrise to a goanna in my tent, which was pretty cool.

Anyway, maybe check out the Outback Pioneer Lodge. They have budget cabins and dorm rooms for people on a budget, all the rooms have airconditioning so it will be much more comfortable. It is also based next door to the bar!

Good Luck ;)