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My main goal is to see all the big cities and transport myself by train.

Do you mean Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, [Solo,] Surabaya? I live in Jakarta. Since it's very cheap compared to your currency, you don't have to stay in hostels/guest houses. You can stay in 3-star hotels with relatively cheap rate .

From previous conversation I'm actually shock that you guys stayed in places with such dirt cheap rates, under Rp100,000 ! Are you sure it's clean and secure enough--the place itself and the area? I came visit my traveller friend once when he was staying at one of the hostels on the well-known-among-budget-travellers Jalan Jaksa, and actually I don't feel secure there. Is it because I'm a 'local' stranger so local people stared at me curiously, I don't know. Not to discourage you at all, just something to consider since it's cheap here, I'm sure you can afford hotels. I really hope you'll enjoy your visit here :)

Hi zags!
I actually meant: Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Yogya, Malang, Surabaya, Semarang.
I just only looked into the euro-Rp currency, and I didn't know the prices were already that low. I agree with pPamela about the fact that it's better to give the money to people who own their own guest house instead of some fancy hotel.
But thanks for mentioning! Which neighbourhood do you recommend to stay in?

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hai..i'm indonesian, can help if you have a question. I stayed in Bandung west Java, but my home land is in west Sumatra- Padang, glad to give you some direction here.....:)

Thanks for the offer, but this trip will only be Java. Maybe I'll visit Sumatra next time.

By the way, I booked my plane ticket today! Now I only need to arrange a visa. Is it best to get one in Indonesia or to get one in advance?

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Hi Zags,

I have been helping pay for young Indonesians education since about 2000 and I had my own free weekend mobile English school in Cipanas, Cugenang and Cianjur for almost 5 yrs. I paid the teacher Andang Heryana to run the school and visited every Jan to do classes and celebrate our annual picnic in the beautiful Cibodas Gardens near Cipanas.

In Feb this year I loaned money to a good friend in Bali and he was able to get this amazing job and become the head of the Bali office. He repaid my loan when I visited Bali in early November.
His future is now set and he has an amazing future ahead of him.

Currently I am paying for the education of a young man in Cianjur for the past 6 yrs ( polio inflicted) and another one in Cipanas.
I intend paying for both of them to go to University, if they can get good enough results to be offered places.

I am also lending money to a young man in Padang so he can continue his studies to become an English teacher.
By doing this he can now settle down and study instead of trying to get a job in a hotel to save money to continue his studies. With the recent earthquake in Padang the chances of him getting a job are just about nil. I know of him through a long term friend in Sumatra who has his own English school. I am so happy to help him realize his dreams.

And since a week ago I have re connected with a 16 yr old boy from Sumatra who wishes to be a fashion designer so I am going to help him realize that dream too.
It is not often one has the unbelievable chance to help a young boy from a remote jungle village achieve his dream to be a designer.
I first saw his drawn designs in Sept 2006 which were amazing for one so young and so isolated.
I immediately left the village and went up to Medan to Gramedia and bought him 3 fantastic books on fashion including one on the history of young designers in Indonesia, another one on drawing and another one on fabric.
I have been able to re connect with him recently on Face Book.

So although not wealthy at all I am able to help a few young people realize their dreams and hopefully in the future I may be able to help more.
PS Plus I give to www.childrenofsumatra.org to help Katie organise operations on children with cleft palate.

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