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1. Posted by Nilu (First Time Poster 1 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hey! I'll be traveling through South America for a couple of months and I was hoping to leave during the first week of February. I was planning on going to Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and possibly Peru. I don't want to do a tour and wanted to go by myself, but I suppose I'm nervous about traveling alone, and also about being able to overcome the language barrier, finding the safest accommodation etc. I'm interested in hearing stories from other girls who have done this! Also, I was wondering if someone had an approx cost of this trip (not including flight), I'm thinking about $2000... Thanks!

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Re safety: I'm no girl, but you really shouldn't worry. SA on the whole is very safe, and if you exercise the usual caution - things you should do everywhere, like not getting into a car with strangers, not accepting drinks when on your own, not flashing expensive equipment and jewellery, not wandering off into non-touristy neighbourhoods alone, etc - you'll be fine. Hostels are very safe for you, but maybe less so for your stuff: simply take along as few items possible, try to lock away your pack or lock the door of your room, and don't bring valuables.

Re budget: that depends more on time than on destination. "a couple of months" is not enough for us to go on.

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Hey! I travelled solo in Brazil when I was 19, in fact it was researching for that trip I found tp...it was an incredible trip, I never once felt vulnerable, I would reccommend travelling sensibly and cautiously, I.e making sure hostels are reputable and not walking alone in the evenings, you know, common sense stuff but it's a great way to travel, I met so many people because I had to push myself in order not to get lonely!!

Anyway, you'll have an awesome time, there are tons of old threads in this forum of women doing similar things so do a search and you'll get plenty of inspiration,

good luck and happy travelling!

Mim :-)

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me too and so far no problemo. $2,000 for 2 months is ok too especially for peru, ecuador, bolivia, i don´t know about the other countries you are interested in.