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1. Posted by loserlou (First Time Poster 1 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hey Guys well quite a few things have changed since I decided on my trip to America.!

Since I decided on my trip to America a few more people have decided to come along on this little trip! There will now be 4 of us going Charlotte (19), myself (21) and our two friends Lawrence (19) and Robbie (also 19)
We have also had to cut down our time in America because Myself and the two boys have got to be home for Art college interviews in mid/late February. We are still planning to go to America next year leaving here (Cornwall, Uk.) around October 25th 2010 (ish) and staying till January 25th 2011 (ish) we have chosen this time of year because we want to experience Halloween, Christmas, New Years, We have decided we are going to Fly to La first and stay there for about a month then fly to New York and stay there till about the 23rd January.
We have no idea where is the cheapest place to stay in Los Angeles. So it would be very helpful if anyone could let me know?
Also what do you think would be best.. Hotel or apartment for the month (if they even let places for one month)?

We have been told Hoboken is the cheapest place to stay around the New York area.. Is this true or is there somewhere cheaper? (Apartment)
Also what things in and around NYC are a must see for us?

Thanks again for all your help!
Much Love from the four of us!
Merry Christmas!

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Why are you going to 2 of the most expensive cities here? Yes, I can see NYC - it's just plain exciting, but LA is expensive and not exciting (unless you call their maze of freeways exciting???)

In any case, you don't really want to go to the absolute cheapest locations in either area! - they would be rather dangerous!!! I'm sure Hoboken is cheap, but by the time you pay the transit costs into/out of Manhattan, they're no longer cheap. Why not look over the list on the hostel sites?

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The least expensive place to stay in NYC is Hostel International - must sees depends on what you are into
large assortment of museums, halloween parade in the village, lighting of the christmas tree at rockefeller center, shopping, statue of liberty, empire state building, dining, shows, nutcracker at lincoln center, philarmonic, top of the rock, sports etc

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You should try your best to stay in Manhattan when in NYC. Just pick any (somewhat) affordable place in Manhattan that is close to a subway line. I agree with the hostel recommendation, esp. if there is a kitchen as this can help with the cost of meals (if you are willing & able to cook).

Also, the drinking age is 21 in the US. Potential problem for your friends if you all want to go to a club/bar.

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Since there's a group of you and you are going to be in each place for a length of time, I might suggest looking for a couple sublets. I sure each city would have individuals places to look, and of course craigslist is always a good place to start. Good luck!

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I would skip LA and stay in San Francisco instead. LA has no real public transportation system and it's not worth visiting for more than a couple days. Without a car, LA will be horrible for you.

San Francisco is beautiful, interesting, has an amazing public transportation system, and is centrally located enough for an overnight trip (via train or bus) to Lake Tahoe and Reno. Tahoe is not to be missed!

I would look for an apartment for a short-term let in both San Francisco and New York. They are out there - and for a longer stay they are an affordable option. You'll save loads of money eating in rather at restaurants. Check out