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Hi! I'm an italian 22yo guy, I'll go living in UK for 4-5 months but I'm quite confused about the city.
Any suggestions about what's the best city to live?
I'd like something like London for the "underground" life but I'm a bit scared for the metropolitan dimension and I think I'd rather like something smaller (more "human" maybe)
thanks a lot

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If you're planning on working, London might be the best option, since it is a big city. If you're looking for something smaller, you could look into staying in Edinburgh in Scotland. It's a fun city, a lot of students and quite a few people living/working from abroad. Glasgow probably has better night life, but it's not far from Edinburgh. Good luck deciding!

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London may seem intimidating at first, but once you get your bearings, you will soon realise that its not that big a city and its great for exploring. Loads of gems - from little restaurants to markets, cool residential areas and local hangouts. If 4-5 months is all you have to spare, I'd go for the Big Smoke aka London, with my second choice being Edinburgh for its compactness and wonderful people.

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Edinburgh is a great city since although it is quite small, it is not as built up and concrete as other cities in the UK. Being next to the River Forth and having lots of green areas within the city centre gives you the option to break away from "city life" for a bit without venturing far. It also has a great nightlife which isn't as expensive as other cities such as London and it is a city which is very much changing at the moment so I'm sure there is going to be more and more opportunities available!

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Id go Manchester if I were you.

Very friendly, relaxed, cool nightlife.

Sorta 'a poor mans london' really.

Its small and cheap enough that you can live in the centre, not spend 3 hours a day commuting, and randomly bump into people you know.

beats London hands down

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Everyone has their favourites. If not London then mine would probably be Brighton - cosmopolitan, seaside, friendly, not too big, not too small. Still quite expensive though. I'm also fond of Leeds.

Check out this thread for a long discussion on this very topic....

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thanks to everyone for the answers :)

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Here is a good site that you can visit for debates about the best and worst cities to live in