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1. Posted by karlyfu (Budding Member 62 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi all,
My husband and I will be travelling overland from Europe to Malaysia, which is great, but unfortunately we have a time limit :( So we were wondering if people have suggestions for where to go in China between Beijing and Hanoi (Vietnam)- most unmissable places? We arrive in Beijing from the Trans siberian, then we're spending about 3-4 days there, and need a couple places to go in between (roughly) there and Hanoi. I admit I'm slightly clueless about China so any suggestions will be much appreciated. We will probably only have about 5 days! I know its a tough one :)
p.s. we will be there in April.

2. Posted by daphnemaia (Full Member 155 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

hello there.

if u're going to beijing, u can go to the following places:

1. forbidden city (aka the palace museum) (1/2 day)
2. temple of heaven (3 hrs)
3. the olympics stadiums (not sure if u can go in, hmmm)
4. the great wall of china (1 day, local tours available but they bring u to places that sell touristy things, so if u can find ur own transport there, it'll be great)

bring ur own guidebook (lonely planet is great), or those walker's guides for the forbidden city and temple of heaven. the writeups in the book will tell u where to walk, n what u are seeing. :)

not sure if it's advisable to go out of the city, as u only have abt 3-4 days.

there are shopping areas...

1. wang fu jing (more up-market stuff)
2. silk street shopping area (good quality imitation goods, clothes, etc. please bargain! if they say RMB 1000, say, NO. RMB 200.) :P That's what they would sell to the locals for. 1/5 the price they sell to foreigners. be firm, don't budge once u have stated ur price. if they refuse to sell it to u, move on to the next stall (a lot of them sell the same stuff)

go around the city, u'll find a lot of things to eat / see / photograph.

it's unfortunate u're going in april. i hope that the sand from the gobi dessert doesn't blow into the city during the days u r there. it's really a huge mess everywhere during those days. horrifying, actually. :P

i'm not so sure about hanoi so i hope someone else can help u with that.

good luck! :)

if u need more info about beijing or malaysia or singapore let me know (i'm a malaysian living in singapore at the moment). feel free to PM me! :)

warm regards and a happy new year to u!

3. Posted by karlyfu (Budding Member 62 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

cool, thanks for that!
what other place should I visit in China (enroute to Hanoi). I can only really see one more place due to time restrictions....

4. Posted by chrisvasil (Full Member 102 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Xiujiang caves in Kunming is great, Hangzhou is a beautiful city, and it would definitely be worthwhile seeing Shanghai around Expo time.

I arrived in China from Hanoi a week ago and have been to China twice before, might post again later with more suggestions.

btw Hanoi has foreigner pricing to a greater extent than any other place I've been. It is a charming city apart from the people there - spend as little money as possible, everything is way cheaper in HCMC or China.

5. Posted by lovebasbal (Budding Member 5 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

:) April is a good season for travelling in southern part of China, several places enroute to Hanoi for your choosing.
Kunming and Guilin are near Hanoi, it should be more convenient .
Kunming attractions: Stone forest, Dianchi Lake, Golden Temple, etc. if you have time, Lijiang ancient town near Kunming city is also a highlight.
Guilin attractions: Li river, Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Seven Stars Park.
If your time permit, you can also choose Xi’an, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Zhouzhuang, one or two of them, they have their unique features respectively.

6. Posted by abc7876 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

you can visit hangzhou or shanghai or suzhou or both
Suggest you to take the train from Beijing to mentioned place, it is quite convenient that just one night, start from Beijing about 21:00, and arrived the destination next day morning about 7:00 clock

For the city, most people said Hangzhou is beautiful, suzhou is a little small but cute, Shanghai is a big city for shopping.
another place which is yellow mountain, it is really beautiful mountain, about 6 hours by train from suzhou to yellow montain, and to visit the Mountain, you need 2 days, first days for climb the mountain, then live in the hotel in the mountain, next day morning, you can see the scenery of sunrise, roughly you need 3 days for the travelling, of course, you will feel a little tired,but worth to see.

Some hint: Hangzhou --Suzhou: about 2 hours by train
Suzhou -----Shanghai: about 1 hour
Hangzhou----Shanghai about 2 hours

You can visit all the place if you have enough time, if not stay in one city for relax, it is my way for the travelling

BTW: I am living in Suzhou. if you need more help you can contact with me.

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