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We are planning travelling round South America starting at Ecuador and going to the Galapagos Islands. We would like to do this first as we know that this will be the most expensive part of our trip so would like to have the chance to do this (then on to Peru to go to Macchu Picchu) whilst we still have spending money. However after looking further into Galapagos trips, we are unsure if it will be worthwhile for the amount of money the tours are looking for.

Can anyone advise on roughly how much they paid for a tour and for how many days it lasted? Did you also feel you seen the best of these islands, and if so can you let us know which tour operator you went with?

We are worried that if we went with one of the cheaper tours then it might be a real letdown, esp since we will prob be there in the low season (Oct).

Also would anyone recommend booking up before we go for peace of mind, or trying to get a better deal once we arrive in Ecuador?


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cheaper to go as a volunteer. i paid $650 for 2 months, which included flight, park fee, lodging and food. i mean if you have the time then go as a volunteer and then talk to people and then you can get quite good discounts. i was determined not to pay the full fee since tourists are rushed through their tour, making it quite disagreable with my disposition, and most of the time is spent on a boat.

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Going as a volunteer sounds great, but afraid we dont have the time to do this.

We have decided to just fly to Quito and see what off-season deals are on offer if the boats are not full at that time of year. We will stay for a while but if we dont find anything then we will probably just cut our losses and head down through Equador towards Peru.

Just looking to get an idea of what sort of prices to expect, so if anyone has done this before then we would be grateful if you could advise on roughly how much you paid for a last-minute deal on one of these tours, and did this include flights?