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1. Posted by Char_85 (Budding Member 42 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hey there! My boyfriend and I are planning on going away in June 2010, we are just not sure whether to go to NZ or OZ, but we are definately going that direction!! Can anybody please give us some advice? What is the work situation like in both NZ & Oz? We will be going on a WHV. We have heard mixed reviews but these are all from friend of a friend etc... Is there anyone in either country at the mo who can shed some light?! Thanks in advance :)

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It's a difficult choice because they're both very different. Australis is probably the better choice if you're looking to find work - bigger cities so naturally more employment opportunities. However, NZ has absolutely stunning landscape and is a lot easier to get around due to it's smaller size - you can visit almost everywhere (by this I mean all the large towns) in 4 weeks. Aus would take a lot longer to do justice to. I had my own WHV in NZ about 8 years ago. I did some very strange and varied jobs - working in a school, a nursey, painting & decorating, moving furniture etc. but fell in love with the place.

As you're on a WHV, you probably have multiple entry so if I was you, I'd go to both countries! You could do the East Coast of Aus in a couple of weeks, NZ in 3 or 4 weeks and spend the rest of the time working somewhere - Sydney maybe. How long are you going to be away for?

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Australia doesn't have a large population, which opens up a wide variety of opportunities to incoming migrants like you. Thus, you need not to worry about finding work in the country, as Australia, in fact, has a large demand for foreign workers. And with the rate that the country is developing, this would actually increase more in the future.

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I agree with chix go to both as there both great places to go how long do u have to travel ??

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I'm a Kiwi, so naturally I'm gonna tell you that NZ is great and you should come here ;) But having said that, I take yearly vacations to Aussie, so I really like it there too - in fact we're about to honeymoon there soon! The countries are so different that it's actually hard to begin comparing them. NZ is a lot smaller, which means you can cover more ground in whatever time you have. Australia on the other hand is expansive, so unless you've got plenty of time, you'd have to choose a coast or an area to concentrate on. Trying to look at it impartially (!!), I'd say head to Aussie initially for your work opportunities, and explore NZ as an aside when you can afford some weeks off for a holiday. I can offer pretty sound advice on both countries, so PM me if you want any particular details

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Great thread! I too am also torn as to whether I should get a WHV for Oz or New Zealand!
I'm heading over in September from Canada for 12 mths. I've been working in hospitality all my life (reception,waitress, etc) but I'm quite happy to do most anything. Alot of the places I worked in the UK had accomodation available near the place of work included for a weekly fee. I do prefer to work in smaller towns and enjoy the culture of the country without blowing all my money in the big cities. With this in mind I originally thought New Zealand but would it be really that much easier to find work in Oz?