New Road Shortens Travel Times Between Bangkok, Angkor

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This report, released by ADB maybe of some interest...

PHNOM PENH: Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen Dec 28,2009 inaugurated a new 150 kilometer road running from Siem Reap to Poipet, on the border with Thailand.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has funded the rehabilitation of National Roads 5 and 6, the central component of a larger $50 million road improvement project for Cambodia's northwest.

The old road was largely devoid of pavement after almost 30 years of civil strife, and often impassable during the rainy season. Most of the road's bridges had been demolished during wartime, with only decrepit Bailey bridges - portable pre-fabricated truss bridges - in their place.

The new road will be a boon for overland tourism, making it easier and more affordable for local and foreign tourists to visit the renowned World Heritage site, Angkor Wat.

The once-arduous trip from Poipet to Siem Reap, site of the ancient temple, usually requiring an overnight stay along the way, can now be made at a leisurely pace in one day during daytime.

"With the new road you can have breakfast in Bangkok and supper in Siem Reap," said Putu Kamayana, ADB's Country Director in Cambodia.

The new all-weather road features modern drainage systems with raised embankments, and can withstand severe floods and torrential tropical downpours.

The revitalized road is expected to pave the way for increasing commerce between Cambodia and Thailand, which already amounts to billions of dollars in bilateral trade each year.

"Forging stronger linkages and bonds between neighboring countries benefits both nations' people," said Mr. Kamayana.

Another ADB-funded project is rehabilitating rural roads in Cambodia's northwest that link the new road between Siem Reap and Poipet, extending the road's benefits to people throughout this region of the country.

"Families who found themselves unable to access crucial social services for large parts of the year will now have reliable, year-round access to healthcare and schools," said Shihiru Date, Transport Specialist in ADB's Southeast Department.

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Fantastic! That's great news, will make travel to Cambodia so much more accessible, and hopefully this new opportunity for tourism will help Cambodia's economy!

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I lived on the edge and experienced (never again) the 4 hour taxi ride from Poipet to Siem Reap in 2008. If ever I was to give tourist advice to the Cambodian Govt. it would be to construct a paved road from Poipet to SR. Why? Because there are thousands of tourists to Angkor Wat every year. Many cannot afford to fly in and have run the gaunlet (like myself) and entrusted my life to a kamikazi taxi driver. Hopefully, once the road has been upgraded then upgraded transport carriers will follow including set timetables etc. At the end of the day, tourism to Angkor Wat will be the beneficiary.

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Yay! Thats finally the end of the boulevard of broken backsides!

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