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I just read that India now requires a two month period for re-entry with their visa. I am just about to book my flight for my 5 week trip that includes a trip to Nepal. Does anyone know anything about this. I also read that proof of onward travel will grant a special permit to re-enter within the 2 month period. If anyone can clarify any of this information i would greatly appricate it.

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Maybe this news carried in ( Jan 2,2010) will be of some help.


Sticking to the recently introduced new visa regulations — that stipulate a two-month gap before those with multiple-entry tourist visas can return to India — the government has clarified that a foreign national who exits India after availing the facility of two or three entries within the stay period of 180 or 90 days and seeks re-entry within two months may be permitted to visit India but only in emergency situations such as death, serious illness in family, non-availability of connecting flights to return to one’s country of origin or travel to another country.

Such permission, however, will only be granted by the concerned mission if the request is backed with proper documentation. While seeking this permission, a foreign tourist will have to furnish an undertaking stating that the purpose of the visit is an emergency and that the applicant is “not engaged in business activities, nor in employment or pursuing studies/research etc”.

Making it clear that the “intention behind the stipulation of a gap of two months between two visits on a Tourist Visa is to curb the abuse/misuse of the Tourist Visa”, the Government has built in provisions in the regulations to ensure that “genuine tourists are not affected by the recent guidelines”.

For instance, the government will permit “two or three entries” depending upon the need to “foreigners holding tourist visas, who after initial entry into India plan to visit another country largely on account of neighbourhood tourism-related travel and re-enter India before finally exiting”.

Indian Missions and Posts will grant this permission only if the tourist submits a detailed itinerary and supporting documentation (ticket bookings).

(The government’s decision, I believe, may have something to do with the David Coleman Headley-Tahawwur Rana case - dana)

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You could indeed have a problem getting back into India from Nepal. I am working in India right now and just this week received warnings from the embassy about leaving and re-entering the country. It seems the new regulations are being applied rather randomly and quite a number of tourists and business travelers have been denied entry back into India after side trips to Nepal, Thailand and Sri Lanka. One of my coworkers is still stuck in Bangkok after more than 2 weeks of trying to get back in after his Christmas vacation there. He has a multiple entry employment visa so it is a problem for more than just tourists. We have friends that traveled to Colombo and then tried to return to India for a couple of weeks before heading back to the US but were denied entry, just tourists. My company has put out an advisory to the employees about the risks of out of country travel untill the Indian government gets its new policy sorted out. It might also be noted that some friends that had all the "proof" required still had to leave the airport and travel to to the Indian consulate office to get the approval and then had to wait several days for that. You might consider going to Nepal first and then to India for the last leg of your trip instead of entering and then trying to exit and get back in again. They way they have been applying the new rules though, you might not have any problem at all, but do you want to take that chance.

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but do you want to take that chance

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Go to Nepal first then into India, even if just transiting in Delhi or Calcutta Intl.Airport it won't count as a visit.

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The Indian government has lifted this restriction. So it should not be of concern. The original post on this forum was five years ago. India removed the "gap" rule in 2013.

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in Delhi or Calcutta