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Thailand 05/02/2010! Questions

Travel Forums Asia Thailand 05/02/2010! Questions

1. Posted by ganty05 (Budding Member 2 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Hey guys and girls,

Finally after thinking about it for a while im off for 3 months to thailand / Aus / Fiji. Was just going to ask a few questions that ive had a look for but not answered exactly so here go's!

Injections - Do i need Malaria tablets ? - I won't be going up north and will be mainly down on the beaches near the Full moon party so are these needed? Im not really looking to take them due to a friend and his 6month of nightmare dreams and some bad side effects he had. So i'd rather not risk them if there not completly ness.

Mopeds / Quads etc rental - I own a full driving license and i am wondering what the deal with renting these out. Thinking about doing it nearer the beach then Bangkok.

Leaving the plane - Probably a wierd question but ive never been this far away from the UK and have been told by friends its a big culture shock at first?

Full moon party - Ticket event? hard to get to?

last one really is anyone on this forum around Bangkok from the 6th - 8th fancy a beer? :)



2. Posted by Degolasse (Travel Guru 823 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Injections - Before going to Thailand I highly recommend seeing a travel clinic and finding out what you need. It would be wise to get a few immunizations up to date, such as Hepatitis A (and probably B), Typhoid, Polio, Tentnus etc.... I can't remember which one's are specific to Thailand as I always just keep all of these up to date. But your travel doctor can discuss that stuff with you and will know exactly what you need. You'll probably hear from some people who've been to Thailand and didn't get any shots and were fine, and with the costs of needles it's tempting to risk it . As far as I'm concerned it's a stupid risk and your health is not where you make budget cuts. For Malaria though, Thailand is considered pretty low risk unless you are spending a lot of time in the jungles of the border areas. I've never been recommended malaria pills for Thailand and I've met only a couple people over the years who've decided to take them. But again, this is not something you take my word for, you talk to your travel doctor who is the expert.

Can't help you with mopeds as I've never rented one. But in beach areas it is a popular option for travelers.

Off the plane - don't worry, it's a valid question and lots of people, including myself who's traveled extensively, often stress over the initial shock of walking out of the airport. But don't worry about it, Bangkok isn't too bad at all especially with the new airport. The first thing you'll want to do is sort out your money. There will be ATMs and currency exchanges in the arrivals area. Then you'll want to figure out how to get where you're going. As a first time solo traveler, I would recommend heading to the Khao San Road area. It's the center of backpacker tourism in Bangkok where you will find countless hotels, restaurants, travel agents, shopping, etc. To get there you have a few options, but the two that make most sense are the express shuttle buses, or taxis. Both can be found just outside the door. The bus is probably the cheapest and will drop you off right at Khao San. There's four different buses going to different parts of town, but you won't have trouble finding the right one. If it's after midnight and the buses have stopped, or you've found a travel buddy to split costs, then a taxi is a good option. There's set rates and I can promise you that every taxi driver in the city will know exactly what you mean when you say "Khao San Road". In fact, he'll probably just take you there without even asking. Once you've arrived in Khao San, you'll want to find accommodation. I have no problems walking around the area looking for a hotel (don't worry, it's safe), but if you are nervous about that or it's really late at night, you can book a place too. I would recommend New Saim I Hotel which is slightly better than the countless identical places surrounding it and nice and cheap, or Rambuttri Village which is a little more expensive, but quite comfy and has a pool.

Full Moon Party- You'll find it on Had Rinn Beach on Koh Phangan, and Island just north of Samui on the East coast. It's a free event on a beached lined with hotels and bars. It is by no means hard to get to Koh Phangan or the party. There's tons of buses/boats booked from Bangkok, or the surrounding Islands. You can find accommodation around Had Rinn which pretty much guarantees partying every night (it's not quiet when it's not a full moon). Or if you prefer, you can stay at one of the other very quiet beaches around the Island and get a ride to the party when you want. One thing I would recommend is to be careful when you are there. The Full Moon party is not a dangerous event at all and chances are you'll have a great time, as I did the three times I've been. But as at any such event that attracts thousands, if you find yourself passed out from the drink on the beach, you might wake up with your belongings missing. Just be mindful of that and pay attention to your surrounding. You can finds loads of info on the party here.

Hope some of this info helps.

3. Posted by Curt1591 (Respected Member 230 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Pretty good list of vaccinations. Many can get by without them, but I wouldn't suggest against any of them.

In addition, be sure to wear DEET and/or sleeves and pants. Dengue and chikungunya fever are endemic and there are no vaccines.

Renting a motorcycle can be problematic. Hopefully, you'll have a digital camera with a time/date stamp. Take photos of any scratches, dents or flaws that are present, before taking off on the bike. Some operators make much more money charging for damages than they do on renting.

4. Posted by cat.n. (Budding Member 32 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Thats a really good point Curt, def take pics of any dents and scraches before you take it out and show them, if thay can get money out of you they will! I was there in Sept 09, and i meet a few people who had to pay out for things they didnt do!

No tickets needed for full moon just enjoy (dont forget the shroom shakes) - coral bugalows is the place for full moon, its awesome fun, quite pricy though!!!

Don't just stick to the east of the peninsula, try and fit in the west too - pii pii ect, it would be a shame to miss it cos its beautiful, i had more fun in pii pii than in kho pangan.

Deet up, they'll get you real bad! I didnt need many injections, none i had to pay for anyway, you wont need malaria tabs for the south, i didnt even have them for the north! look at the link its really helpful


Have an awesome time, i LOVED it, i'm going back this year!

5. Posted by cat.n. (Budding Member 32 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

P.S you'll be fine once you land, go downstairs and get the bus to kho san road, (150 baht) you'll find somewhere no probs! I was quite nervous before i got there but you'll forget any worries once your there, stay safe and always aware though!

6. Posted by ganty05 (Budding Member 2 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for all this information. Im counting down the days now.. 5th of feburary and im off :)