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1. Posted by Swenigale (Travel Guru 32 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi- we are fortunate to be on another world cruise and have many friends now familiar with travellerspoint because of our last 2 blogs who wish to follow our travels. We posted an entry from Miami (using our laptop on land) and now have been unble to post from the cruise ship Crystal Serenity from our own laptop. (We are able to access other secure sites- bank, etc.). We have posted onshore in St lucia and also from the internet onboard the ship- however, we would like to post by email from our own laptop. Any suggestions? I don't know what could be blocking your site- we are unable to login and the site loads very slowly on our laptop. The computer techs onboard are stumped. Any thoughts?

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Had a look and it seems you've posted to the wrong email address a few times. The correct one has a typo in it, so that would have undoubtedly confused matters. I won't write the correct email here, since then anybody could post to your blog, but please check your blog admin area for details. I'm pretty sure that will fix your problems. If you want to change the email address you're posting to, you can do that by turning off the feature and then turning it back on. I'm pretty sure that will create a new email for you to post to.

Regarding the speed issues, it sounds like some routing issue along the way. Can you find a way of doing a traceroute to our site? Here's instructions on how to do it..

On Windows

1. From the Start menu, select Run
2. type "cmd"
3. a command prompt will pop up. Type "tracert > trace.txt"
4. hit “enter” and wait a sec
5. you'll find a document called trace.txt in your home folder (ie.. Documents and Settings > Username)
6. copy and paste the contents of that file and send it to us to look at or show it to the techs there. It might be a networking problem on board.

On Apple

1. Double-click the Hard Drive icon > Applications folder > Utilities folder > Network Utility program.
2. Select the trace route tab and enter the domain name
3. Press the “enter” key and wait.
4. Copy the contents and send to us.

Hope that helps.

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