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Some qustions about Germany (Rhine River & black forest)

Travel Forums Europe Some qustions about Germany (Rhine River & black forest)

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1. Posted by wjess10 (Budding Member 5 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

I plan to travel in Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy in coming middle of May to middle of Jun.
Regarding Germany, my plan is: Amsterdam -(by train)- Koln -(by train)- Kolenz -(ferry)- Mainz -(train)- Heidelberg -(train)- Rothenburg -(train)- Stuttgart -(bus/train)- Black forest -(bus/train)- Meersburg -(bus)- Lindau -(bus/train)- Fuessen -(bus/train)- Mittenwald -(bus/train)- Munichen -(bus)- Ramsau -(bus)- Berchtesgaden -(bus/train)- Salzburg - Autria - Switzerland - Italy .....

Please help me on below questions:
1) Is the route in Germany reasonable? I only have 2 weeks to stay in Germany, is it enough? If not, which city/towns I should give up? (My interests are old towns, castles, nature view, etc. And I don't like modern cities and buildings)

2) I like to take ferry from Koblenz to Maiz, and make some stops inbetween so I can visit some old towns, such as St. Goar, Bacharach, Bingen, Rudesheim, etc
Is one day enough to visit all of above towns? Or should I stay overnight in one of those towns? If yes, which one is better to stay?

4) Since I need to make some stops inbetween, my luggage will be a big trouble as there is no lockers at landing stages base on KD company. But I can't carry my luggage while I'm visiting castles. Do you have any good ideas?

5) I would like to visit Black Forest after Stuttgart and before Meersburg, should I arrive a city then from the city join a tour to Black Forest? If yes, which city is best?Offenburg? Freiburg? or Baden-Baden? Or any other ways to visit Black Forest?

Thanks a lot!

2. Posted by oldie (Budding Member 17 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

We have just returned from 3 months in Europe,4 weeks of which were spent in Germany. Having had many many trips here I would recommend the following.
As you are staying mainly on the western side of Germany, 2 weeks should be enough to give you a general overview. One suggestion would be to stay at St Goar. It is a beautifull small village steeped in history. I nwould base myself here and do a number of day trips by train to the other small towns you mentioned in this areaWe have stayed in St Goar 9times and do yourself a favour and dont miss staying there.
As for the black forest I would stay in Freiburg and do a tour, as the area known as the Black Forest covers such a vast area.
Berctesgarden is a place which if running short on time, I would drop out. It is very small and not much to see or do.
One piece of advise I would give is not to set your itinerary in stone, as there will be some places you want to stay longer at and some you will want to leave asap.
Are you buying a eurail pass? Would definently recommend same.
Hope this helps and if you want any other help please drop me a line.

3. Posted by wjess10 (Budding Member 5 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Thanks, it helps a lot.
Regarding rail pass, I haven't decided yet, I would like to hear more from you.
The rail pass is counted by day, but my case, I need to take a train almost everyday, but every time a short period only (1-2 hrs).
For example, in Germany, I think there should be 9-10 days to take a train.
Should I buy a 10-day German Railpass? But it is very expersive ($680 for 1st class, $487 for 2nd class).
I'm not sure whether it is worth to buy the rail pass, or how to select the pass.
Could you share your experience?

4. Posted by J C A (Budding Member 2 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Have you considered a Rhine River cruise? There are several river cruise companies that provide opportunities to visit many of the towns / cities on your list. We have taken four river cruises two of which had at least a major part of the cruise on the Rhine, plus you take your hotel room and good dining with you. Our first river cruise was from Budapest up the Danube to the Danube-Main Canal to the Main then the Rhine to Amsterdam with port calls and provided tours in such places as: Cologne, Koblenz, Nuremberg, Rudesheim, Mainz, St. Goar, Remagen. Our 2nd river cruise was from Antwerp, Belgium with canal stops to Amsterdam then up the Rhine to Basel Switzerland. River port calls with tours included: Remagen, Cologne, Koblenz, up the Mosel for a wine tasting, then Rhine past the Loreley to Rudesheim, Heidelberg, Strassburg, then Black Forest coach excursion and cruise ending in Basel, Switzerland.
All of our port stop excursions, whether by walking tour or coach were included in the cruise price and all had excellent local guides with a strong command of the English language (important for us). Beside the incredible beauty of a Rhine river passage, there is a great advantage of going many places without having to pack and unpack and never have to worry about a suitable place to dine!
If you would like more details on any aspects, please advise.