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This is my first post on these boards, as well as my first time venturing overseas (from Canada!) I am looking for some travel packages, and I have some questions!

I have been researching guided tours on the internet lately and was wondering if a guided tour would be my best option for both cost and difficulty. (as this is me and my friends first travel experience I figured a guided tour may be easier).

I have checked out several websites (i-to-i, adventure center, gap adventures, iexplore) and they seem to be very well run organizations with some amazing opportunities. However, I was hoping the insightful minds on this web board could help me narrow down my choices.

I am looking for:

- Trip cost: $3000/per person CAD (with flights, taxes included)
- If possible, 20+ days.
- Somewhere warm, where we can relax while having an adventure

From your experience would it be cheaper to book one of these guided tours, or simply book my own accommodations and explore on our own?

P.S. Also, I have some questions about working overseas in New Zealand/Australia. Is it possible to go overseas to work and come home with enough money to travel to another place to work and keep going. (ie: fly to new zealand, work, earn money, fly to australia, work, earn money, fly to russia, work, earn money, etc)

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I was really hoping that this would be about the world's first Time Traveller....damn

Travel and work is that elusive goal that only few achieve to any great success, though it is possible.

You want US to choose a place in the entire world for you to go? Really?


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Realistically, you're talking Third World if you want all that for just 3K. You could do much much better DIY, and you could choose your own accommodation and restaurants (very little choice with a tour and that priced tour would not give you very good places, IMHO!)

I agree w/Piecar - you need to be much more specific

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I say go to Thailand. There are many great reasons why so many people go there. The boards have a boatload of information on the country. Select the occasional day package tour once you get there. Additionally, there will be lots of people from New Zealand and Australia to answer your working overseas questions.


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Piecar and Daawgon

I was asking for everyone's input on some easy countries to experience for first time travelers. I'm sure some are better then others for first timers when it comes to price, things to do, comfort, etc.

TravelSoup - Thanks, I was looking at an i-to-i thailand tour but I'm guessing it would be easier to say no to the guided 4 week tour:

* Project Duration: Min 4 weeks
* Project Costs: CD$1869.00 for 4 weeks
* Location of project:Travel throughout Thailand including volunteer work on Koh Tao
* Arrival Airport:Bangkok (airport code BKK)
* Activities:Tourist activities including thai cooking lessons, language lessons, traditional massage. Visit to farming community in Chumphon and conservation on Koh Tao
* Working Hours:Flexible; usually full days on the tour and at the project
* Getting to the project:20 - 30 minutes by taxi (budget approximately $US50 while on Koh Tao)
* Requirements:Minimum age 18

and just do our own thing, book our own hotels and do day tours as you suggested?

I was looking on a hotel website and I found a resort in mexico, 28 days for $898. Sound's like a good cheap tour but Mexico seems like a tourist trap compared to thailand/africa/etc.

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I moved to the UK to work for one year and see a little bit of Europe. I came back with no savings what so ever. Everything I earnt I spent on my travelling at the time. I doubt many people have money left at the end of a working holiday.
For my holiday this year I have saved everything I need as working holidays are not that much fun (in my opinion). Not just because you do not get to see any where near as much if you are not working, but because you have to go to work almost every day! The words work and holiday should not really go in the same sentence. An oxymoron??

I will however be doing volunteer work in South America as I can gain experience there with my degree that I could not get in Australia. The company I plan to use is the Institute for field research expeditions. You can goolge them. I think they have a program in Thailand and are probably a little cheaper. In saying that, I have never done any volunteer work for them before, so I do not know how good they are. But it is something you can look into.

As for tours, most people I know who have done large scale tours have spent more time driving and drinking than site seeing. I do like the idea of tours, especially being a sole traveller, but I tend to get myself to the city I wish to be in and then just do local small scale tours. You get to see more, have more choice of exactly what you see and its cheaper. I like to have a little freedom in when and where I travel. I agree you wont get too many tours at the price you are looking for. I am working on $1000 AUS a week after flights and insurance etc is paid for.

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Your Welcome,

Of course, do what you are comfortable with. Personally, I don't like the idea of being tied to a 4 week tour. Part of the fun of travelling is all the planning and sorting out details prior to leaving. Booking it yourself will certainly be cheaper, but involves more work on your part.

Thailand has its share of overly touristy areas as well. I would not dismiss Mexico that easily.

Best of luck

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Thanks again for all the replies, when I decide what I'm doing I will be sure to post back here!

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