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Macchu Pichu is closed in Feb so what are my options please?
I guess I can do Inca Trail to a certain point?


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Machu Picchu is open in February. It's the inca trail which is closed for cleanup, and can't be done at all during February. You can still get to Machu Picchu by train, though.

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If you fancy some trekking and mountaineering I suggest some tine in Arequipa. You can get an overnight bus from cusco takes bout 7/8 hours. You can can do 3 or 5 day treks in the colca canyon or climb the 5900 metre volcano Misti overlooking Arequipa

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There are a few other treks that head to Macchu Picchu, the most popular alternative is Salkantay trek. Check it out!

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You can always go north and get to Iquitos...
This is such a wonderfull city! Surrounded by virgen jungle...

During Feb it is the rain season, the water goes up and you can see reflections everywhere (the call this area 'La Jungla de los Espejos' the jungle of mirrors).

Carnaval takes place during feb too....

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Due to the recent floods and mudslides, the rail and roads to Machu picchu are closed and there is no way to get in or out. They evacuated tourists and locals by helicopter. I got word today that they were hoping to have access resored by February 17 although it would not be by the normal route. This alternate route begins in the Sacred Valley, whose hotels have not suffered damage because of their location at greater height that the flooding caused by rains. From the Sacred Valley you will travel by road for six hours (a scenic tour with a beautiful landscape of jungle) until you reach the train station "La Hidroel├ęctrica" in the village of Santa Teresa from where it is connected by train for 40 minutes to the village of Machu Picchu at the base of the Sanctuary.
They are saying a couple of months before full rail restoration but I wouldn't count on that. The Inca trail is closed every February for maintinance. If you are planning on going anywhere in the region in March I would contact someone there to make sure roadways and trails have not suffered damage due to the storms.