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Hey all,

We have just started a Lion project in Tsavo National park

Human Wildlife Conflict is fast becoming a serious threat to the survival of many endangered species in the Tsavo Ecosystem in Kenya.

Big cats and other predators pursue prey in life-and-death dramas as endless as they are fascinating. Less dramatic, but vitally important, predators also act as ecosystem managers.

They keep prey species in check. They keep the numbers balanced. Without them, nature’s web starts to unravel. In the Tsavo landscapes in Kenya, however, large predators are on the verge of extinction because they have been poached, trapped and poisoned - as human and livestock populations spread onto the Tsavo wild lands. We are now discovering the effects of this loss.

We are looking for volunteers zoologists travelers, conservationists and any other volunteers to come and assist us in monitoring and counting of the Tsavo Lions - Sagala Ranch.

This is an opportunity to help us while traveling within this beautiful ecosystems.


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Good initiative, though monitoring/counting is just one thing.

One other thing though: don't forgot to make sure that locals participate in discussions about the need of big cats, both for sustainable development as well as ecotourism.
Maybe they can be involved in the benefits of tourism, which in many cases throughout the world has mostly been proven succesful.

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Yes, Utrecht you are right..... You better involve the local community farmers with your work, because there is much education needed and guidance because they are the ones worse affected and if you can find a solution where they can co exist with the wild, then you would be doing a tremendous Job in aiding them.

Its very tough and that's why I can understand the need of many volunteers as possible.

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As a Travel Writer I'm going to be back in Kenya in late March/Early April. I can't do anything to help directly but maybe I can help promote your initiative somehow. I'm going to have about 3/4 days spare at the end of my assignment and I'd be glad to help in return for food and lodgings, no more.

If that sounds ok you can contact me here or send me a Private Message.

Brendan Harding (Zaksame)

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Hello all,


We are very grateful for all those that have applied with us. Our vacancies are now remaining three more spaces thus if there is anyone out there with a passion of the lions of Africa, the leopards and Elephants of Tsavo this is your opportunity.

Kindly email us for more details OTHERWISE we appreciate all your email response and look forward to meeting all you that have applied in Nairobi. Karibuni Kenya (Welcome) where the Adventure begins!

Time for the Lions is here!.


Tope Consult.