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I am going to australia (sydney) in late january but I am planning a stopover (1 or 2 weeks) someplace in asia. I am leaving from Vancouver and i went to a travel agent and now i have some options. They are all in the same price range (within $150) but i dont know enough about asia to make a decision. Here are my options:

Air Canada - Stopover in Hunolulu. The cheapest option but it doesnt really interest me.

Japan Airlines - Stopover in Tokyo. I'm interested, but i'm worried that Japan is too expensive.

Singapore Airlines - Stopover in Singapore

Eva Air - Stopover in Taipei

Cathay Pacific - Stopover in Hong Kong

Malaysian Airlines - This one is the most expensive, but is the one I am leaning towards right now. The reason being that they let me have 2 free stopovers each way (as opposed to only 1 in total) and they give me the chance to choose from Los angeles, Taipei and Kuala Lumpur. I would be able to stop in LA and visit family I have in San diego. Then I would be able to visit either Kuala Lumpur or Taipei. And then on the way back i could visit either the same places again, or another one.

What are your thoughts on this? Which place would you recomend and why? Keep in mind that I am on a budget (like most of us here) but i dont mind spending a little extra if it's worth it.

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If I were you, I would pick Malaysian Airlines, because... I get to go to Malaysia!

Malaysia is a good destination for budget travellers like you.
Exchange rate: 1 US Dollar = 3.80 Malaysian Ringgit

  • On average, Malaysians eat a decent meal that costs about $1.50.
  • A McDonald's value meal (large) costs about $2.
  • Eating at food stalls/court is generally cheaper than having a fast-food meal.
  • 100 Dollars could get you a room in a 5-star hotel.
  • We pay $2.60 for a movie at the cinema, and half price on Wednesdays.
  • Last but not least, all the above "low prices" explains why we literally earn peanuts working in Malaysia. (after converting to US Dollars and compared it to many other countries of the "same standard" ) But on the other hand, it's good for tourism and foreign investment though. ;)


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Just some thoughts...

OK, I will skip Honalulu since its not your choice anyway...

Singapore - eh...I hope I don't get bombared for this , but in generally, Singapore will not interest travellers too much (consensus I got from foreign friends - I live here now, so hard for me to say), and it is more expensive than say Kuala Lumpur. Though Singapore Airlines is one of the most comfortable - with a stunning in flight entertainment system.

Tokyo IS expensive, very expensive. I went there and there was no way I could live cheap, even if I survive on soup noodles everyday. But if your budget allows, it is a wonderful place to see, very cultural despite being a big city, and interesting, even for Asians like me

Hah, yes, I agree with Hien, KL is a good choice in view of your monetary constraints. But I am Malaysian, so, am a lil biased. ;) And you can pack in lots of things to do without wasting too much time travelling as KL is not very big. But watch out for the traffic jams.

Taipei, hm...I used to live there and have went back many times to vists friends, I am not sure if you will enjoy it, especially since you don't have much time to travel out of Taipei to see the countryside and the culture, which I am sure is more interesting for you than the big city Taipei is. And as far as I know, Taipei is a place you should have locals bring u around, and its not much fun alone there.

So, there u go. hope its useful

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You're a Malaysian? Hmm... You need to update your profile, as it says you are a citizen of Singapore. ;)


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You coming late January? Chinese New Year will be celebrated by the Chinese in Singapore and Malaysia on Feb 9.

In Malaysia, since it's a multi-racial country, we have loads of open house, which you are able to join in as well.

So there, I agree with the both of them for you to opt for Malaysia Airlines.

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Hey if you need to hear it from another Canadian....Then here is my opinion (I'm with the majority on this one)if you have a chance to go to Kuala Lumpur then do it! I am living in Sri Lanka and I try to stop in KL as much as possible when I travel! If you love to party, shop or just hang's all there!
Good luck to you!

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Hi Hien

Done, hah, sorry, oversight. Been here in Singapore too long ;)

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Been in Singapore for too long? Hehe... ;)

Any particular places worth visit in Singapore for a Malaysian?
I am thinking whether to join my cousin in her trip there in a couple of weeks time. I need something to convince me to go there!


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Hey Hien,

Should I say this online and risk getting into trouble? Oh well, hm... I don't think there is much for a Malaysian to come over to visit really!

My relatives and cousins never come over.

Oh well, but I guess in a way, it won't be bad to come have a look around if accomodation is free and your primary reason for doing so is to visit friends and family ;)

But to be fair, I quite enjoy the night life here in Singapore, there are alot of chill out places, fun places to go with friends.

Oh well...good luck!