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1. Posted by donnak14 (Budding Member 4 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi! Me and 3 friends are planning a month long trip to america starting at South Carolina, heading to florida, then flying/ amtrak-ing to New York-Chicago then on to the West Coast ( LA, San Deigo- Las Vegas).
I have been having a look at tickets for Disney in either Orlando or Anaheim, but it looks as though the minimum ticket is for 5 days, and we are only planning on stopping in orlando for a few days before heading to miami (plus it works out fairly expensive on our tight budget)
Is it possible to buy tickets at the gate at disneyland or get a one or two day ticket?
Many Thanks!

2. Posted by rebmamber (Respected Member 40 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Well, my first advice would be, don't go!! I have lived in Florida my entire life and we widely regard Disney as a tourist trap hell-hole. Maybe I'm a little pessimistic, but unless you have children, it really is not worth much in my opinion, other than sucking funds from your wallet. If you want the amusement park experience, I would suggest universal studios in orlando, or my favorite would be busch gardens in tampa, especially if you like rides and animals. disney is very kid oriented, overall the rides suck and are childish. i went (unfortunately) last year with some friends from Thailand, and I was surprised at how out-dated it was. Many of the rides were identical to when I was a kid with literally zero updating.

That said, if you really want to go, you can buy tickets at the gate at all of the theme parks. When you get to Orlando, look for discount tickets or coupons (they are available everywhere) and you may be able to save $5-$10. I would look online as well, you may be able to print something out. What may be your best bet if you want to do the Disney thing, is to purchase a park hopper pass. i don't think it was much more than a single park pass, and if you want to do two days, i think there is a discount. the advantage is that you can hop on the monorail and access disney, epcot and mgm studios, maybe animal planet too, i can't remember. you'll be spending anywhere from $80 - 130 per day per ticket. if you do two days, it's $78 - $100.


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Hi! Glad to see you are going to be coming to South Carolina. I currently reside in Greenville which is near the upper left side of the state if you are looking on the map. I highly recommend visiting us, Charleston, or Myrtle Beach. I have lived in Charleston and Myrtle Beach if you would like some insider tips.

I am not as jaded about Disney as the other person, but I too would reconsider Disney...or pick just one day. I have children...it was great the first time, but I will not be going back any time again. It is extremely overpriced and the rides are outdated. I could of saved myself a ton of money and just gone to Downtown Disney in Orlando. It is a large outdoor shopping mall that is Disney Themed. I recommend www.mousesavers.com to do a little research. That webpage alone saved me over $400.00 in Orlando. We stayed in a four star resort for $29.00 a night. Perhaps instead of going to Disney maybe cruise over to Tampa or down to Miami. I have never been, but the kids and I are going all the way down to the Florida Keys.

Hmm you do know it will take about 31 hours on Amtrak to go from Miami to NYC. I just looked up the price and it is going to be about $345 without taxes. If you plan far enough in advance you could get a flight for that minus all of the behind numbing train travel. If you have the time and the money it is quite the adventure though. One of my favorite trips this summer was from San Francisco to Seattle Washington. Gorgeous mountain views and open land. I only paid $75.00 too. Good luck on your travels. Any more questions please feel free to email me or respond to this post.

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If you get to Charleston try to check out the Patriots Point Naval Museum, its just on the other side of that big bridge.you will have free run of an aircraft carrier with all the planes,a Submarine and two Corvette? class destroyers along with a lot of other military stuff,definitely more fun than Disney
Also check out the NASA web site to see if your stay in Florida coincides with a space shuttle launch (memorable) the space museum at Cape Kennedy is also worth the price of admission.

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Go to Disney!!!!
And yes when i went in September it was possible to buy a 1-day ticket at the gate, and a 2-day combo of a Disney park and waterpark etc etc.

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"Rebmamber" sure is a sourpuss about Disney. I'm almost 40 years old and I love it. I LIKE the fact that many of the attractions are unchanged; they remind me of my childhood. Anyway, if you just want to do a day or two, and you are open to either the Anaheim or Orlando park, I would recommend going to Disneyland in Anaheim. It is the original Disney park, the one that Walt himself oversaw the design and construction of. It has a more intimate feel than the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. And being in the middle of Anaheim makes it less involved to go there in my opinion. You can get a one day ticket and just focus on Disneyland, or get a two day ticket and park-hop between Disneyland and its companion park, California Adventure. You'll still spend most of your time in Disneyland, but California Adventure has a few must-see attractions, like Soarin', and the Tower of Terror.

And yes, you can buy the one or two day ticket at the gate (at both Anaheim and Orlando). The online tickets are for 3 or more days, as you have found.