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If you are comming to Egypt you have to know the following :
- During the day time while conducting the tour wear what ever you really like, due to the exposure to the extreme heat it is recommended you wear light cloth such as t-shirts and shorts. You can attend breakfast and lunch wearing such cloths. But for dinner you will not be always to get in wearing a short or a swim suit. Wear smarter cloth.

All extras such as drinks bills, laundry, bills, telephones bills, will be settled at the last day of the cruise at check out time. Payment can be made with credit cards, travelers check, or cash. All cruise boats don’t accept personal checks! Make sure you have enough cash, just incase your card is not working probably.

Don’t forget to leave tipping for the cruise staff, not less than 15$ PER DAY CRUISE PER PERSON!

Note that this amount doest not include your tour guide tip, it is separate and it is entirely up to you to settle the amount of tipping you ill give to your tour guide.

Such tipping you will give to the boat, should be placed in a an envelope and handed over to the reception, after all groups checkout the cruise manger together with the accountant and the reception will open all the envelopes left at the desk and distribute the amount among all crew on board. This way each gets his own tip in fair way.

Upon check in the cruise boat, it is advisable to leave your valuables in safe deposit box that will be available whether in the reception or a private safe into your cabin.

If you wish to buy any items from the shops on board the cruise, the opportunity for shopping is generally limited due to the small sizes of these shop, but on the other hand you will get enough time to check what you get and haggle the price!

If you wish you to call home, most of the cruise boats offer telephone facilities on board. But the quality is not as good as offshore.

If you get sick while being on board , some cruise boats have a resident doctor on board, if not they have doctors assigned in each town where they call ni case of emergency.

You need some heath tips, please read my health page to know more about health safety on board of a cruise boat

I would recommend for you visiting a bank to change your money before cruising, as most of the cruise boats. You will not get access to banks during the cruise journey. But not to worry if you are on 3 or 4 nights cruise starting either from Luxor or Aswan , soon you will be in on e of these cities and there are plenty of banks and ATM machines where you can get your money changed

- is way of life in Egypt , if someone does something you would consider as an extra effort, he is expecting to be tipped. You only tip if you feel you want to do it, there is no pressure but, of course it would leave a good impression, and many people are surviving on very little. Don't give small amounts of notes or coins as tip to people who helped you all the way throughout your trip such as drivers, tour leaders, tour escorts) it would be an insult for them, tip appropriately. And please, do not offer tips to professionals, businessmen, or others who would consider themselves your equals. You may seriously offend them by your act.

- The Currency in Egypt is the Egyptian pound and it is divided into 100 piaster.Egyptian pound is referred as LE.

The Egyptian pound is called genaeh in Arabic. Here you will find 25 and 50 piaster notes and various sized coins down to the 5 piasters. At present 1 $ dollars is equivalent to 6.2 Egyptian pounds

Currency conversion :

1 $ is 6 Egyptian pounds

1 sterling is 11 Egyptian pounds

1 Euro is 7.30 Egyptian pounds

In Egypt most of the banks open from Sunday to Thursday, working hours are 8:30 to 2 PM. however banks at the airport and the majors entry ports are open 24 hours daily.

Note : that most the the major credit card names such as American express, master card , all euro cards and JCB are widely accepted in various hotels and shops To use an ATM machine , they mostly accept visa master and cirrus cards, if you don't find an ATM machine in your vicinity, you can still obtain cash if you go to any of Misr bank braches. Banks are unwillingly to accept US$100 notes issued before 1992. You can use US$ and English sterling or Euros to exchange, as they are accepted in many places and banks.

Don't bring Scottish pounds, Irish punts, new Zealand dollars.. etc. they will not be accepted or changed !

If you at any point during your tour, you run out of money and your credit cards are not accepted anymore ! you still can get money wired to you from abroad, in Egypt there are plenty of western union branches, it is few minutes to get any sum of money sent you from abroad.

There are three main operators based in Cairo that mostly form a network which covers all of Egypt . They are as follows

The upper Egypt bus Co that covers all points along the Nile valley and the Fayoum and inner oasis. , the red seas coast. such as Hurghada and Safaga ,Marsa Alam East delta bus company , it covers the the Sinai peninsula and the canal zone.

West delta bus CO , they serve Alexandria , north coast, Siwa oasis ,and the Nile delta towns.

if you want to check bus service schedule click here The electricity current is 220 volts , 50 MHz , north American travelers are advised to bring a converter, sockets are designed for round pronged plugs, if you are coming from the UK , you will need an adaptor for your plugs.

The power plugs used in Egypt are 220 volts , if you are coming from a country using 110 please don't forget to bring you converter, the socket pins in the wall are the two holes type !

Cairo airport is located 22 KM to the south east of the city , you trip should takes around 30 to 45 Minutes. , make sure to leave your hotel at least three hours before departure.

There are two terminals in Cairo airport. All Egypt-air flights and domestic flight depart from terminal one, while all other airlines depart from terminal two.

There is no departure tax levied at the moment, however starting from next October, the new tax will be implemented.

Confirm flights at least 48 hours before departure, it is very important to do that, if you are staying in a 5 star hotel, the guest relation should be able to do this for you if you wish.

If you are an individual traveler and wish to confirm you flight, call Egypt Air office directly.

As it is not allowed for visitors to import or export more than 1000 Egyptian pounds. The limit is 1000 p in cash money.

You will find plenty of banks at the airport, and several foreign currency exchange offices every where. Your duty free goods must be purchased within 48 hours after arrival.

You are allowed to bring 250 grams of tobacco two cartoon of cigarettes One liter of alcohol and personal stuff. if you are planning to bring your own pet make sure you have a veterinary health certificate and it should include a valid rabies certificate.
To call any countries outside Egypt , dial your country code and then your city code and number.

To call Egypt dial * country code dial 002.

If you have friends calling you from the united states , Australia tell them to dial 011 before they put the country code and the city code.

for Local codes :

Cairo Luxor Alexandria Aswan Sharm Elshiek Hurghada Ismalia
02 095 03 097 069 065 064

The best and the cheapest time to place your call is after 8:00 PM . If you wish to make an international call simply buy a Mena-tel card , ( will Cost you about 20LE) It should give you around 3 minutes to any place in the world, there are plenty of cabin in the streets around your hotel where you will find that yellow phone box where you can use to make your call.

In Cairo

The pyramids of Giza & the Sphinx 20 LE
The step pyramid at Sakkara 20 LE
The pyramid of Mydoum 16 LE
The pyramids of Dahshour 10 LE
open air museum of memhpis 14 LE
Cairo museum 20 LE
Islamic museum 20 LE
coptic museum 20 LE
The Hanging Church Free
The province of El Fayum Free
Church of St. Barbara Free
Ben Ezra Synagogue . Free
Church of St. Sergio ( Sergius) Abou Serga Free
the citadel of saladdin 20 LE
Mosque of Amr Ibn Al As Free
Ahmed Ben Tulun Mosque Free
Khan El Khalili Bazaar Free
Sultan Hassan Madrassa and Mosque Free

In Luxor

The colossi of Memnon Free
Valley of the kings! 30 LE
valley of the queens in Luxor 12 LE
Valley of the nobles.
12 LE
The temple of Madinet Hapo in Luxor 20 LE
Karnak temple in Luxor 20 LE
The temple of Luxor 20 LE
The temple of queen hatshepsut 13 LE
Temple of Dendara 20 LE
temple of esna 08 LE
The Temple of Edfu: 20 LE

In Aswan

Temple of Isis in Aswan 20 LE
The unfinished obelisk in Aswan 10 LE
The high dam in Aswan 05 LE
The temple of abu simbel 34 LE

Alexandria and other various sites

the Catacomb of kom elshoukafa 16 LE
The Memorial of Diocletian (the Pompey’s Pillar) 06 LE
The Castle of Quaitbay in Alexandria 16 LE
The Greco -Roman Museum 20 LE
The jewelry museum of Mohamed Ali 20 LE
The Roman Amphitheatre Free
Monatzaa Palace Gardens 03 LE
The Library of Alexandria 10 LE for main entry & 20 LE for the manuscripts museum
Saint Catherine Monastery Free
The golden oasis , hepis temple, temple of amon 20 LE

if you need any further information please ask me ...


2. Posted by Peter (Admin 7065 posts) 17y Star this if you like it!

Hi yousif,

This seems a thinly veiled disguise for a promotion of your tour company. Please note that we have a specific rule against promotional posts, something we've warned you about several times already!! Any more of these and we'll have to place a permanent ban.


3. Posted by yousif (Budding Member 5 posts) 17y Star this if you like it!

Hi Peter,

If you read my post will you will find that it is a general informations (if you know egypt)
All the prices that I mentioned is the real prices of the entrance fees to the sightseeing in Egypt, just to give some information and to start discussion.
So I think you are wrong this time.
so please stop reply to me like that I never even mentioned any of my contact list and more ever I already sent to you e-mail to apologize about my last post is it not enough for you .

4. Posted by hswong (Budding Member 3 posts) 17y Star this if you like it!

Hi there,

I am a student, coming from Malaysia to Egpty for a Confrenece on 27, 28, 29 and 30 Dec in Cairo University.
I got a tour package to egypt which is cost RM 4000 (1100 USD) and it is a 11 days 7 night to tour the whole thing included the Nile cruise tour (3 days 2 night).

I am wondering, should I take a flight to Cairo at RM 2000 (USD 505).

I need your advise. Thnak you.

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8. Posted by Peter (Admin 7065 posts) 17y Star this if you like it!

Hi Yousif,

Apologies if there are no promotional purposes behind this, but lines like this:

You need some heath tips, please read my health page to know more about health safety on board of a cruise boat

indicate that the information was taken directly from some website (presumably your company's).

Also, you speak of 'the cruise', but what cruise exactly are you talking about? From reading the post, it seems like a page from a specific cruise company's website. Or maybe it's the just the way it's written.


9. Posted by yousif (Budding Member 5 posts) 17y Star this if you like it!


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10. Posted by Rraven (Travel Guru 5924 posts) 17y Star this if you like it!

Hi, I've just returned from Egypt and after experiencing some of the ''helpful'' tips first hand in my opinion the post by Yousif is just self promotion and should be deleted, also the tipping system he mentions is a lot more then a few locals that we met over there informed us.... the shops on the cruise boats and the areas they bring you are over priced and normally are avoided by backpackers who don't want to be ripped off !!! also his mention of Irish punts not being accepted - of course not they don't exist any more, we use the Euro and these are accepted !!