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Will be arriving in Cluj airport, what would be best way to get to Turda be, and would like to go to Brasov and Sighisorara best way to travel and can you get to the last two in a day, thanks for any help

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2. Posted by razu (Budding Member 8 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

from cluj the "best" way to get to turda AND sighisoara/brasov would be renting a car - ranging from 20 to 35 euro/day for a basic compact car - gasoline is ~1 euro/litre

(the mileage for a car being 8-10 litres/100 km, so you dont get confused with converting km to miles and such)

TURDA is about 30-32 km (17 miles) south-east of cluj and you should find buses if you dont wanna rent a car - you can take a cab from the airport to the bus station (called "autogara"), shouldnt be more than 5 euro. the drive takes about 40 minutes and costs no more than 5 euro (the price listed on the site for some trips is 5 lei - about 1 and a half euro)

SIGHISOARA is about 100-110 km (almost 70 miles) and halfway between cluj and brasov - the drive over there is pretty tricky though - there's a strech of highway (A3) mixed with whats commonly known as a european road (E60) - luckily there's a fair amount of signs down the road and if you pay attention its kinda hard to get lost. people are friendly and you can always stop and ask around - just make sure you ask teens, few old people have even a loose grasp of the english language.

i found only one bus going from cluj to sighisoara - the trip takes 3 hours and the price is not listed (but should be about 10 euro at most i think.

BRASOV is another 100 km (70 miles) down the road - safest route is sticking to the E60. Watch out for speed cameras and you'll be fine - the drive is pretty sweet though - there's some really nice vistas and a generally pleasant mountain drive)

theres loads of buses from sighisoara to brasov (since both are the only two really attractive destinations in the region) - the trip takes 2 hours and costs 20 Lei (less than 5 euro) but id suggest to put aside at least 10 euros for this trip.

if you set out early in the morning you can visit both sighisoara and brasov in one day - since there's not much to visit per se - but the drive from cluj and back will take you at least 4-5 hours.

if you choose to take the bus here's some helpful links:

If you do rent a car and you like a good mountain drive, make sure you also drive about 60 km (40 miles) south of Brasov around Moroieni - its one of the two really great stretches of asphalt in the country and the view is brilliant.

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You can get to Braşov and Sighişoara in a day. But I would rather spend some time to visit each of them and the surroundings.
Around Braşov there are some nice castles like Bran and Râşnov, while close to Sighişoara there are fortified churches like Apold, Copşa Mare or Biertan.

If you don't want to rent a car, beside the bus, one alternative way to travel would be train. Check out for trains timetable. (from Braşov to Sighişoara, for example, the trip takes two hours and costs 24.6 RON if you take the "Accelerat" train, that's about 6 Euro)

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