Can't remember name of great Cartoon TV show in early 90's

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thx i was trying to remember the name of this cartoon of three guys.. thx vinny for the name centurion this is the one

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There was this cartoon in 90's. It was about a guy who used to be an alien but looked like a man i guess (he had long hairs like devil may cry's dante). He used to run in zigzag through tunnels and then he kinda used to get into a plane with a robot. The plane looked like a saucer and there were lots of tunnels. He used to fight with other robots. He also had a friend who had a yellow saucer plane. Again when he need to fight only with the robot the robot used to get seperated from the plane and fight, where the plane used to fly by itself and did extra help. The cartoon is not transformers or voltron. I am really dying for that cartoon. Maybe it was seen in starplus in the 90's. plz help if you can.


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I watched these cartoons when I was little. I can't remember their names? One were of this egyptian girl, in her teen age. In the starting she is riding a cart through desert and then streets. The other were of this magician who flips his cards, sometimes vanishes or to hurt others. and other one of these girls/fairies using their magical powers to save their school i guess, there is a war. Another one were, that there is a spaceship as a safe house, and soldiers/protectores, they ride dragons, and often visit dangerous planets. In one episode there was an attack on that ship.