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when booking flights do u have to pay all the money up front??

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It depends who you book with, a lot of places take a deposit and then ask for full payment to be made around 6 weeks before departure

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I booked a RTW, so it might be a little different. But the only use a deposit would have been for me was to hold the seats for 2 weeks. Not much good when we want to fly in October. So we just paid it all up front.

Got a good deal though, so can't complain.

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The general answer is - if you're booking a seat on-line, then usually the whole fare is required in one lump. There are a few companies that will promote a deposit only, but strictly when there is a promotional link on their website and at no other time.
There are a couple of ways round having to pay the whol lot at once....
Go into a travel agent on the high street and book a flight well in advance. Many agents will accept a deposit with full payment required about 8 - 12 weeks before your departure date. The usual amount you can expect to pay as a deposit would be around 20%. So if you're buying a £750 return to Oz, they'd normally want around £150 deposit, although this is sometimes negotiable. I don't know of any agents that would accept a deposit on a flight costing less than £200 or so though.
Bear in mind though that if you fail to pay the full amount of your flight by the agreed time, it maybe the case that you lose your flight and a substantial lump (if not all) of the money you've paid.
If you are committed to getting the flight and paying for it in full but are struggling do so in one go, why not (if you can) get a credit card with deferred interest for a few months, buy the ticket in full and then pay back the card over whatever period it's interest free for. That way you've got the ticket, it won't go up in price and you've got it for not a penny more than its original cost.