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Hi Guys,

Little bit of help needed,

Slowly but surely putting a plan together for our around the world trip.

I'm thinking of booking Bangkok to Perth

for a couple of weeks and then a flight to


We really wanna buy a camper to see the sights of Oz east coast.

Would Adelaide be a good place to buy and start the overland trip up the east coast to Cairns?

Any other routes, suggestions, links would be greatly appreciated!




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Adelaide is a long way from the East Coast! But you could drive the Great Ocean Road from Adelaide to Melbourne which is stunning, and then from Melbourne make your way up to Sydney and start the drive up the coast from there.

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Have you thought about taking the train (Indian Pacific) from Perth to Adelaide?

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Any idea what months you're thinking of spending in Australia? Cars/Vans are generally more available and cheapest in Melbourne or Sydney, so if you're buying you might be better off waiting until one of these cities. You could always buy in Perth and drive the whole trim

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hey, yeah I fully recommend going through Adelaide. Really nice city. I lived with a family around here for about 2-3months. Was fab!

You could get the train as someone else there has suggested. The reason I add to that is that many people see oz but never go through the middle. I did it in a car and if you make it right to melbourne, you can buy it off me. It'll not be too expensive. Did my travels about in it. My cous has been keeping it good since, as I was hoping to return though its not gona be for a bit now. It'l need some rego put on it soon though i think - its the car tax/ insurance same as in UK etc etc. and it'll be yours for all the way right up east. I never made it there. Its got some camping gear, jerry cans, roof rack etc etc. All extras I had to buy for it. Toyota Camry 2.0l auto. Great wee mota! I wish I was back in good ole Tommy Toyota exploring the outback again. Working sucks, dont it guys!

Anyways yeah, go overland from perth, you'll love it and see much more, perhaps even hitch rides with some poeple you meet in the hostels about perth before heading off! It makes it way cheaper for us all too.