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Im going traveling next January. Im gettting a WHV and should be staying in OZ for a year. Myself & a friend will be traveling for 6 months & then shes off home so i will hopefully get a job then for the rest of my visa.

But we have never been to OZ or even traveled before & we are really stuck on how much money we will need...we hope to travel from melbourne to cairns.
Different people keep telling me to buy a camper, as it will be cheaper, as we wont need to pay for hostels & travel passes & just sell it on at the end of my trip, but i dont think it would be cheaper...im so confused...any advice??

Thanks Claire!

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Hey Claire,

A lot of people love the whole camper van thing but myself and a friend hired one and drove from Cairns to Brisbane and it cost us so much more than flying/coaches/buses would have done because of the amount of money you have to spend on petrol. Also you end up driving for so much of the time that its gets pretty boring.

Budget wise im not too sure, I went out on my working visa with only £1500 but started working after only a couple of months so just lived and travelled off money that i was earning.

What ever you decide to do, ull have an awesome time :D

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Hi Claire,

If you are going to be travelling for 6 months straight, I'd say you are going to need a fair bit of cash. Hostels on average cost about $25 per night. Buying a tour package can help as it generally works out cheaper than paying for things individually. For example you could get a decent package from Sydney to Cairns for $800. You should do the train, Greyhound or Ozexperience depending what your after. Buying and selling a van can be a lot of hassle. Plus if the thing breaks down in the middle of nowhere you're f****d!
To save on accommodation you should look into cleaning at a hostel to get free beds. Its not hard work and it will save you money for just a couple of hours work.

There is a lot to do in Melbourne, Sydney and Cairns so it will depend what you want to do as to how much it would cost.

To give you an idea I am planning to head up the Coast from Sydney soon and I will have about $3000 and that's just to last me a month of travelling! Hopefully I won't spend it all but like I said you can spend as much or as little as you want!

Hope this has helped!!

happy travels,

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Thanks for the help!!
There is so much to think about when you are trying to budget for a trip, its crazy.
Booking flights next month, so thats one thing out of the way.
Totally off the camper idea, hostels & camping it will be. I will have to look into working for your stay, seems like a great idea and it will also save some cash, excellent!!


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im going travellin for 6months next year. planning on takin around 7k
that includes car rental if needed also hostels and food
is the realistic?


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Hi Claire

Sounds like I’m in the same situation as you I’m getting a WHV planning to travel for 6 months and then work for the other 6. I’m planning to go around December time to see new years in Sydney. I have no idea on the amount of money to take so it’s good to hear other ppls opinions. This is my 1st time travelling and it’s going to be on my own so I’m a bit worried I might run out of money or find it hard to get work out there. Have you looked into how easy it is to find a job out there?


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to be honest i havnt looked for jobs just yet around oz. maybe being the summer months find a job on beach bar or something like that.
im findin it hard 2 judge the amount i need for travellin.
im plannin on bein on sydney on n.y.e also xmas time


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I know what u mean Scott I’m struggling with the amount to take. I’m just going to save as much as I can. I think I might open an Australian bank account so if I do run out of the money I take I can always transfer some over and I guess its safer to do it that way. I guess the money also depends on where u wanna go and how much you want to do. Are you travelling on your own or with someone? I’m planning to stay in hostels which should make it a bit cheaper but I want to travel around as much as I can so that will put the price up a lot.