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Thailand Advice......ending up in Singapore

Travel Forums Asia Thailand Advice......ending up in Singapore

1. Posted by gorgmo (Budding Member 21 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!


Going to be spending approx 3-4 weeks in Thailand arriving Bangkok 29th May. Started to make a brief itinery but there are too many choices so need a little advice please!?!

Was thinking of staying in bangkok 2-3 nights, then getting the overnight train to Chaing mai of which i will be staying there for approx 4 nights including a trek. Was then thinking of getting a plane from there to Krabi or Puket and visiting some islands from there. Obviously its June and ive heard the west coast is more likely to rain?!
Found quite a good deal on a hotel in Ko Lanta so wondering whether to book that or not.

An alternative would be to get to a flight to Ko Samui (from Chaing Mai) and spend a week on the east cost-anyone got any ideas on where to stay around here. Heard that Ko Samui is quite touristy?

Eventually i need to get to Singapore as i fly from here to OZ. How best is it to get there? Is it worth visiting Malaysia. Was either getting a straight flight from thailand to Singapore or possibly getting a train?

Any advice would be grateful thanks. Im going with my boyfriend and we wouldnt mind staying in quiet places or even places with abit of nightlife.



2. Posted by rob_harvs (Budding Member 20 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

hey sarah,

please resist the temptation to book accom in asia before you see it!! in big cities like KL and Singapore you might have to but everywhere else...go check it out first! it never looks like the photos!!

i'd maybe think about stayin a couple days longer in chaing mai especially if you're thinking about an over night trek! Theres loads of stuff to do there, me and my gf did a thai cooking course 1 night which i deff recommend! it was a right laugh! we took the sleeper train up there from BKK which was great even in 2nd class and dirt cheap.

as far as the islands go you'll get loads of advice on here, but if you want to dive go to Ko Tao, if u want to party go to Ko phangan, i didn't go to Samui but i've heard mixed reviews. On the west i only went to Phi Phi which is stunning but can be expensive. We got caught in some weather so to dodge it we went to an island on the west of Malaysia called Langkawi and we ended up spending a week there rather than 4days! loved its a duty free island so alcohol is sooo cheap! its usually quite expensive in malaysia due to it being islamic.

We also flew from Singapore to Aus (Cairns)...minging flight btw just to give you a heads up if thats the same one haha. We ended up flying to KL after over staying but i rekon KL would be a decent 1nighter to break up your journey...go and check out the patronas towers - its free to go up. We treated ourselves to a posh bus from KL to Singapore called Aeroline which only turned out to be a tiny bit more expensive than the public bus. 90RM vs 80RM.

Didn't really like Singapore too much, it was just another big city with a zoo. i wouldnt plan on spending too long there.

hope this helps a bit, feel free to PM if you want more detail. Rob

3. Posted by gorgmo (Budding Member 21 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Hey Rob,

Thanks for the advice.... i definately want to avoid the rain if possible. Was planning on just staying in Singapore for 2 nights max as not heard the best reviews- like you said its mainly a big city. I was mainly of thinking of booking one really nice hotel somewhere along the trip and have found a 4 star + in Ko Samuri which with discount is only working out £26 each (Think thats a good deal for a 4 star hotel). Only problem would be getting from Chaing Mai to Ko Samuri- unless we come back to bangkok.

Looking forward to the overnight train to Chaing Mai- heard they have a disco on the train? The island in Malaysia sounds really nice. How did you get to there. When you said it rained- was it alot and was it throughout the day? Also what season did you go in?

Thanks again!