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Just joined this forum a few days ago in anticipation of my travels next year to the Philippines, Australia, NZ, Fiji, the Cook islands etc.

I'll be working for an NGO in the Philippines for 4 months, roughing it in the rain forest and then I was supposed to come home and save up more money for the next environmental trip. Then I got drunk and decided I was pretty near Australia so may as well go there too - the next thing I know I'm travelling for a year, but so glad I made the decision to do this - very excited now.

However I may need a bit of support from this forum - have recently fallen in love with someone I've liked and wanted for a very long time - turns out he wanted me all along. Everything is wonderful and perfect. And I'm going away for a year, there isn't much chance of his being able to come with me. Tell me it's possible for this to last!

I hail from the grey miserable north west of England, hence the desire to get out and see as much of the world as possible

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Hi Alabama and firstly Welcome to Travellerspoint!

Noticed you around the forums but the personal touch is always nice ;)

Of course it is possible for this to work! The way I look at it is, if it is meant to be, it will work out. I have a little experience in this field, although I am no Dr. Phil ( ).... seriously though, when I first got together with someone from Norway (being from the Netherlands myself) I thought it was never going to work because of the distance, but you find a way... you just do. Now I am engaged to be married; go figure!

Pete might care to share himself, but same type of situation... he ended up with an Ozzie girl and is now living in Melbourne Australia. For some reason, no one in our family now lives in the Netherlands anymore....hmmm!

He can visit right? A phone is usually just around the corner and long distance phone cards have dirt cheap rates these days, especially Australia-UK. Email, chatting etc. etc. are all GREAT when it comes to long distance.

Now, if that isn't support... I don't know what is !!!

C ya around!


3. Posted by alabama (Inactive 14 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

Well thanks there Sam, that helps alot - I do think it could work out, if it's meant to, and it's always good to hear of other long distance stuff that's worked.
Glad I found this forum!