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Hi, as far as i know the only way to enter Burma is via flight from Bangkok...r there any overland crossings where u can enter for more than a few hours...also if i fly to Rangoon can u travel freely within the country or are u fairly limited as to where u can go??
thx again.....

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Flying into Yangon is the best way to enter Myanmar. From there you can go most anyplace in the country. Ground transport is cheap and readily available to the major cities but flying gets you there sooooo much faster and is not that expensive within the country. You can travel to most parts of the country without difficulty and it is easy to get to the tourist destinations of Mandalay, Bagan, Inley lake, Naptali, Sitwe, Myruk U and so forth. If you want to visit northern areas it is also fairly easy if you fly. There can be problems finding transport on local transport when you get away from regularly visited areas. The bus driver may think he will get in trouble with the authorities if he gives a ride to a westerner and so not allow you to ride. Sometimes foriegners are turned back at checkpoints for various reasons and it is not always the same from day to day. Best to stick with the familiar areas, there is more than enough to see in these areas, you could spend months and not take it all in.

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You can fly to Yangon from Kuala Lumpur (Air Asia).The fare about 130€

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I have travelled a fair bit on my own in Asia but have not yet made it to Burma as I have had mixed feelings about going.
Has anyone travelled as a lone female recently through Burma? I am in my 40's now but this doesn't seem to deter the advances of annoying men in India, but this I am good at deflecting. I am not clear about how lone travellers are perceived in Burma politically and security-wise? I have heard that the women in Burma feel really sorry for lone women as in their culture you should always have company so you get overwhelmed by curious women (rather than men;)) trying to keep you company? Any advice from first hand experience would be greatly appreciated - thanks

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Sorry! being of a certain age I still think of Myanmar as Burma, I should be calling it Myanmar......