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Hey everyone, it is just 30 days til i leave for my 4 month trip to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos with my girlfriend. Any suggestions about what I should have sorted by now or anything I may have forgotten, any last minute tips!?

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Do what the locals do.... You're going to enjoy it....

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Just got back from Thailand on a tour. I suggest hitting up places where there are great pictures but urge you not to get stuck in tourist traps like Bangkok and Pattaya. You can save alot of money if you go to less known places and islands in Thailand. Have fun on your trip!

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Meet the locals. I think one of the most rewarding things about my SE Asia travels was when I could talk to the natives. At least in Vietnam, I know of 3 student guide organizations that give free tours:

Hanoi - Hanoikids
Saigon - Saigonhotpot
Danang/Hoi An - Danangkids

All 3 have websites that you should read, and then contact them to reserve a date for a tour or two. You pay all expenses (lunch, entrance fees, bus fares) and they give the tour - I've done several and they're great. No need to tip!

Respect their cultures and their beliefs. Don't talk politics excessively. Enjoy.

Thailand is the party place, and Indochina is a totally different world that will surprise the hell out of you!

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I think Ha Long is the great place for your trip. Located in the North East of Vietnam in Quang Ninh province, Halong bay with its clear emerald waters and 1969 limestone and schist islands that come in all shapes and sizes is a spectacular creation of nature. The bay deserves its title as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site and is a must-visit to all tourists.

History of its name
Like many other locations in Vietnam, Ha Long bay’s geography and name is connected to ancient legends. In Sino-Vietnamese, Ha is to lower and Long is dragon – Ha Long describes a dragon descending to land on earth.
The Vietnamese people have always believed in their connection to dragons – legends tell that the ancestors of all Vietnamese are in fact Lac Long Quan (a dragon god from the ocean) and Au Co ( a beautiful mountain goddess).
Halong legend tells that many centuries ago, the Vietnamese were attacked by vicious foreigners and had to fight back to protect their country. A mother dragon and her children were sent down to help the people in this ocean area. The dragons spit out pearls from their mouth, which formed into islands and created a defense system that helped the Vietnamese win.
Culture and History
Most of Halong bay’s local inhabitants live on fishing. There are currently 4 fishing villages within the World Heritage Protected area, with around 1600 inhabitants who live on floating houses and boats.
Ha Long was also home to many ancient Vietnamese people and different ethnic groups. Archeological evidence is present showing the lives of the Soi Nhu culture (16000 – 5000 BCE), Cái Bèo culture (5000-3000BCE) and Halong culture (2500-1500 BCE)

Halong bay area has rich biodiversity, with 2 main ecosystems: tropical moist evergreen rainforest ecosystem and marine and coastal ecosystem with 7 endemic species.

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Yes a trip to Pattaya but forget your Girlfreind.........Only joking....