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1. Posted by dbgomes (Respected Member 72 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi all,

Just a quicky!!

Looking at doing some skiing in Europe somewhere next christmas time when i will be in the UK. I was wondering what ski fields you rate as the best in Europe. Obviously there are many great places, i just want to know of a particular feild that you think is great because crowds are less/trails are top condition/amenities are tops/getting there is easy/ or whatever reason you have is.

I have been skiing over on the east coast of OZ (which hardly will compare to Europe i know) so i know my feet on the snow ok enough.

will be interested to hear what you people have to say.

and no snow field is too far away!!!!!!!!!!

danny boy!

2. Posted by james (Travel Guru 4138 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

I have skied at the Trois Vallees (3 valleys) in France which was just amazing. The main places are Courchevel, then Meribel/Mottaret and Val Thorens, with lots of places in between.

After skiing in Australia, I can't even begin to describe the skiing in these places, apart from saying that the quality of the snow, the length of the runs, the choices of runs, and the lift system makes skiing in Australia the equivalent to surfing in Sydney Harbour.

The good thing about these valleys is that you can buy a ticket that covers the whole area (which you'll never, ever cover), and so go from one place to another. It is simply amazing.

I have also skiied at an awesome place in France called Alpe' D'Huez, which is not as popular but just as awesome. It's more "French" than a global melting pot of tourists.

You can get such cheap packages from the UK that it ain't funny. I won't even bother mentioning any companies because you'll have such an amzing choice I couldn't begin to mention them.

Basically, you fly into Lyon and then bus it to whatever ski filed in France that you're booked in to.

Best of all are the package prices; in Oz it's a rich man's sport whereas in Europe it's just what you do in Winter.


3. Posted by Tsjebber (Full Member 58 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hey dude I've done 3 seasons in Austria. Have been to France at the end of the season the last couple of years (also les trois valleys). Now I'm chillin in Canada :D It totally depends on what you want. You want to have an awesome atmosphere? Then you should definately go to Austria. They have quite good snow there and especially Kitzbuhel is a cool skiarea with loads of new lifts and gondolas. Rated best resort of Europe this year. If you are a really good boarder/skier and are going for the snow only go to a place like Chamonix in France. Lots of steeps there. But the French don't know how to make a good atmosphere in the skiresorts. Austria is just much more cozy. Swisterland is also very cool to go riding, but way to expensive. You'll be paying double to triple the price there for all of your stuff. Austria is also pretty cheap compared to France. Tsjech Republik has also got some mountains and it is really cheap to go out skiing there. But not as modern as the western part of Europe on lifts etc. I hope this helps you a bit. Have fun out there.

4. Posted by dbgomes (Respected Member 72 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Great help there guys!!!!!

Exactly the type of suggestions i was looking for. It is good to hear that it was so cheep for you to do James!! Well i will be making a note of what you both said, and looking a bit more indepth closer to the time. Hopefully some more suggestions come through in the meantime.

Catch you all later!!!!