Do I have enough time for vaccines?

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1. Posted by Nauseum (Budding Member 11 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

So, I just booked my ticket to South East Asia two days ago! (yay!) We leave May 12th, 2010.

I am worried that I wont have enough time for the vaccines I need. I need Hep A and B (plus Thyphoid and Chloerea but I know i'll have enough time for those) I'm not sure if I will just need a booster or if I need to go through the whole thing, which can take up to 6 months. I do have an appointment with a travel vaccine doctor, but it's not for a few more days and I need answers NOW! (You guys know how it is, haha)

If anyone can shed some light on my situation it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance, Josie

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There's an accelerated vaccination schedule for Hep A+B, which can be done in three months or less. I had this two years ago, and my schedule was:
day 1: Hep A+B
day 31: Hep B
day 61: Hep A+B
day 91: good to travel
day 91 + 6-8 months: (after returning home) Hep A+B booster shot, after which you should be good for 25+ years (or probably even lifelong).

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I only had a hep a booster which was just one injection. My hep b was done in 3. Day 1, day 7 and day 28. Rabies was day 1, day 7 and day 21. All others were just single shots. Had everything within a month.