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Aussie adventure Sept 2010

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171. Posted by Louise80 (Full Member 106 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

I'm going to look into it around oz but it would be nice to go somewhere where there's a friendly face, especially one that's in charge ha ha xx

172. Posted by Happy_Days (Inactive 36 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!


I'm going to Australia in September too! So excited! Just sorted my visa, came back super quick and just did it on the Australian Government site. Am only just looking into flights though and still need to look at insurance.
Did you decide in the end to do some sort of intro when you arrive? I've been looking at some of STA's but I'm not sure what's best to do. I've only travelled once on my own before but that was just for 2 wks.

173. Posted by Louise80 (Full Member 106 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hi, i've decided not to do any sort of intro thing when i get there. I think they're a great idea but i'm far too independent and prefer to do my own thing. Flights seem quite reasonable in september, and insurance isn't too bad. I've seen some ranging from about £90 to £150 depending on the cover. I'm getting far too excited! What are your plans for your adventure? Are you being organised or just winging it when you get there?

174. Posted by Happy_Days (Inactive 36 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Not being that organised, no. Flying into Sydney and will take it from there, might do some sort of intro thing, not sure. Going to work and travel round a bit. Can get good internal flight prices before you go so may get a couple of them and use them if I can but wouldn't be that bothered if I didn't. Not even sure how long I'm going for to be honest, up a year I guess. Hoping to come back to uk via china tho

175. Posted by Louise80 (Full Member 106 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

That sounds like a good plan. I'm going to try and find work too, won't have as much money as i'd hoped so need to support myself somehow!

176. Posted by Jess47 (Budding Member 40 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Ah man, I know it's a long way off still but I was sorting out the large amount of junk I seem to have accumulated over the years and tried to sort out things I would take with me.... I really tried, ok? I thought I was being clever by having three piles: (1) definately need (2) maybe (3) don't need..... yea so the (1) and (2) pile ended up being a ridiculous mound of clothes and the (3) pile was just a few things. Stupid 'just in case' attitude that I have - how the hell do you whittle this stuff down into enough stuff you're going to be happy with and not sat in Oz thinking - damn I wish I packed that!

Been reading some topics on it and there's all that sensible crap about taking 'a few stringy tops, 1 fleece, 2 pairs trousers' etc, but let's be realistic here, we're girls - not boys, we need more than 3 pairs of pants and 2 pairs of shoes. And since we'll be working an' all 2 shirts ain't gonna cut it either. AND what if we get invited out somewhere... what the hell are we going to wear? A stringy vest and mega worn pair of jeans cuz they're the only ones we brought??? Some people mention about buying stuff when we're out there but I don't fancy wasting all the cash on clothes when I'm wanting to spend it on seeing the country....

... I was going to take my large suitcase which I'm now in two minds about because where the hell is this suitcase going to live while I'm dragging it around with me to all the different places I want to visit... I really need to figure out the logistics of all this... any advice appreciated!

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178. Posted by Louise80 (Full Member 106 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hey Jess, i know how you feel. I've been thinking about what to take and it's hard work! I'm getting a pretty large holdall on wheels so i can fit plenty in but it's squashy for when i need to cram it onto a greyhound bus or in a hostel locker ha. I'm thinking take mix and match vest, shorts, tee shirts for chilling out, a couple of pairs of jeans, one smart one casual, a couple of going out dresses/tops and bottoms, some nice heels, and some smart trousers and a couple of shirts for working and flip flops. That's my packing list so far anyway ha ha!!

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180. Posted by keb2401 (Budding Member 10 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Hey girls!

It is such a relief to find you are all in a similar position to me. I am also going it alone to oz, but I'm going in October. I've just booked my flights and I arrive in Cairns on the 12th oct and plan to travel down to melbourne and then work in melbourne to get enough money to be able to travel comfortably in NZ. I was going to stay in sydney for xmas and ny but decided to carry on to melbourne even tho i have heard that sydney is amazing at this time. However a girl fromSTA told me that to get a bed in a hostel in sydney over the christmas period you have to book within the next couple of months as it gets so so busy!! Not sure how true this is but its probably worth enquiring about.

I am getting so excited but at the same time soo nervous. So many people have said that it will be fine and that i will meet loads of people in the same position but it still a very scary prospect!!

I'm 28 and realise that now is the time to do this before i get bogged down with commitments and if I don't do it now I will regret it. Although i do feel quite bad how much worry i will cause my parents by going alone, but i guess that as long as i keep in regular contact it will make it easier for them.

I've paid for the biggies, flights and insurance so now just got to worry about all the other bits n bobs. What are you guys doing about transport? Are you doing Oz Exp or Greyhound or rent a car? I think I've decided to do greyhound as I've heard that oz experience is like an '18 - 25' party bus, so thinking im too old for that!! haha

With regards to backpacks/suitcases, I've just bought mine but i bought one of those travel packs that opens like a holdall but you can wear it as a backpack or it also has a big side strap, unfortunately no wheels tho, but reckon it might be easier just having it on my back. Its a 65l with 15 l day pack attached. Like yourselves I tend to take a lot on holiday with me so am gonna have to be very very strict with myself!! eek! I too need my creature comforts and one thing particularly that is boggling me is whether i take my GHD's or not! I pretty much NEED my straighteners, without and my hair goes frizzo. but so many people say to leave htem at home. oh decisions decisions.

oh with regards to your flights, a good site to compare flights is, it is prob worth u checking it out :)
Take care and happy planning! :)

Karen xxx

PS. Blimey this has turned out to be a bit of an essay...sorry about that! x

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